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10 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades


Spruce up your home with these low-budget upgrades to add new style and value!


  1. Paint

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, then painting walls in any room of your home is the way to go. New color on the walls will instantly freshen up a room. And while you are removing anything hanging on the walls, it will also give you a chance to reassess the arrangement and maybe try something new, like adding shelves, a photo collage of travel or family pictures, or an entirely new piece of art.

  1. New Lighting

Updating older light fixtures is another good way to give a room a new look. A new lighting fixture or ceiling fan can add instant drama. If a completely new one is out of the cards, even installing a dimmer switch can increase the functionality of an overly bright light.

  1. Installing a Kitchen Backsplash

can add instant glamour and bling. There is a wide range in pricing whether you go with white ceramic subway tiles, glass mosaic, or a combination of the two. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, they are not too difficult to install yourself. You will need a tile cutter, which many rental services and hardware stores carry. You can even simplify the job by installing a handy pegboard to hang all your kitchen utensils.

Not only will it look good, it will make kitchen cleanups so much easier.


  1. New Cabinet Hardware

Another relatively quick and easy upgrade is to change out the kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware. The only thing that might take some time is choosing one, since there are so many choices! Make sure you measure the distance between the existing screw holes so that the new ones you buy will fit without any redrilling.

  1. Paint Cabinets

A more time-consuming, but very rewarding task would be to paint your cabinets. If they are dated wood, wood laminate or metal ones, painting them a fresh white, or trendy shade of gray will make your kitchen look brand-new and add loads of value.

  1. New Faucets

If you think of the knobs, handles, and faucets as the jewels of the kitchen, this is where you can add the shine and the bling!   Plus faucets can add a lot more functionality if you include a spray function, so the upgrade is not just aesthetic.

  1. Door Knobs and Handles

While you are shopping for the cabinet hardware, you might also want to take a look at doorknobs and handles. Changing out the doorknobs may be all it will take to give interior or exterior doors a new look.

  1. Moldings and trim

really class up a room. Replacing baseboards, adding crown molding, or a chair rail will give a space a more finished and refined look. If you are confident with the measuring and cutting, you can tackle the job yourself or leave it to the experts. Getting the mitered corners clean and exact takes some skill! Sometimes just painting older wood trim will give it the new look you’re after.

  1. New Window Dressing

Adding blinds, new curtains, or both, in fresh new patterns and colors will instantly update your home. You’ll need to consider issues such as privacy, insulation value, and style.

  1. Enhance the front entry

All that might be needed is a fresh new coat of paint for your front door to add instant curb appeal. Add in a new door wreath, some urns with seasonal plantings, a new doormat, perhaps new house numbers and voila!

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