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20 Things You Can Throw Out Now


Getting Serious About Decluttering

Sometimes it’s just hard to let go of things. You want to throw it out, but so much ends up in the dump, so you hang on to things, looking forward to the day you might need that item again.  There comes a time though, when something cannot be repurposed, and is doing more harm than good by just taking up space.  Soon, our shelves, closets, cupboards, and drawers are full and overflowing with so much stuff.  Stuff that we no longer need. And instead of targeting the dump, there are other ways to dispose of or unloading your stuff.  Your closets and cabinets were meant for better things.

Here are 20 things to consider getting rid of:

1. Magazines that you have read.

Donate paperbacks. Get rid of books that are falling apart. Just keep the ones that have special meaning for you.

2. Old Christmas cards, birthday cards
3. Your kid’s old Halloween costumes

Donate them.

4. Clothes your kid has outgrown

Donate or sell.

5. Old shoes

If they are ripped, and can’t be repaired if no one is wearing them, out they go!

6. Medications that have expired – or unidentifiable blister packs…
7. Make-up that is old

Mascara should be replaced every 3 months, foundation and concealer, for a year, blush and lipstick is good for 2 years.

8. Old calendars

Only keep the unforgettable images that you really intend to frame.

9. Unidentified frozen objects

Don’t take a chance on food that may have spoiled.

10. Movies you’ve collected, and are not watching any longer

Do you still have VHS tapes? Are you watching any of those DVDs?

11. Expired food in your pantry
12. Cookbooks you’re not using

So many recipes are online now. Be realistic about the ones that you really use.

13. Old glasses

When you move on to new prescription glasses, there is little point to holding on to the old set.

14. Old Spices

They should be replaced every year.

15. Old chargers and cables, and remotes

Only keep the ones that you’re really using.

16. Old paint cans

Check with your local landfill site for the days that these can be discarded.

17. Appliance user manuals

Only keep the ones you really need for the appliances you still have and use.

18. Games with missing pieces

19. Your toothbrush

Replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

20. Old maps

You have a GPS, right?


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