Custom iPhone Cases For a Fancy & Secure Mobile Phone

While the iPhone is the dream smartphone for many of us and separates its owners from the crowd, the fact remains that the iPhone comes in just two colors, black and white.

This means that for those who wish to add a bit more color or personality to their favorite gadget, the best option left is to create an iPhone case that is unique and expresses all that you wish to say. A personalized iPhone case can be designed without much hassle thanks to all the technology that is on offer today and all you need to do is pick out the design and that shades which you desire.

The iPhone cover can carry any image of your choice and you can pick a design or even a photo which you cherish. There are many companies out there that will gladly do this for you in an instant and will deliver an iPhone case that not just is individual and unique, but also contains every single element and shade that is true to your taste.

Most of these sites allow you to choose a design and template that you like and then you can colors, images, pictures and even a lovely collage from that point on.

Considering how more and more individuals are starting to own an iPhone, a case with your own special motif ensures that you stand out from the pack. And you can create as many of these as you want for various moods and environments and switch them around each day. Apart from making a wonderful accessory, they also make for a wonderful gift you can present to those you know and love. Just ensure that you pick a case of good quality and that apart from all the glitz on the top, it is study and strong enough to provide your mobile with the right protection it needs.

Direct sales, part-time opportunity for the women of the family

Direct selling is a business model especially appreciated by women. According to 2011 data compiled by the European Direct Selling and published on the occasion of the Round Table Seldia which will take place on 3 October in Milan, Italy, 76% of direct sellers are women. Throughout Europe 11.3 million women are responsible for the sale of 84% while men are only 16%. 

The phenomenon is due to the ease of reconciling this kind of work and family life through part-time, 82% of preferred vendors compared to full time (chosen by only 18%).While in Europe the business one to one is predominant with 70%, Italy was in line with the 65% of total sales, confirming an opportunity for employment in this time of work crisis. Among the sectors most beaten by this business model, cosmetics and products for personal care (36%), durable and consumer products for the home (22%) and dietary supplements (14%). The business of direct sales in Europe, according to the data that is 17.8 billion euros, cui13, 4 billion are related to EU countries. France is in first place with a turnover of € 3.7 billion, followed by Germany (2.8 billion) and Italy, with a turnover of 2.4 billion euros well.

Cannabis has adverse effects on the brain of teenagers

Smoking cannabis regularly during adolescence can cause a decrease in intellectual abilities in adulthood. This is what a study published Monday by the journal Proceedings of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences of the USA shows .

Research conducted in New Zealand with 1000 respondents taking into account individuals aged 25 was used to compare their intelligence quotient (IQ) at age 13 and at age 38, some being regular users of cannabis, even after 20 years or 30 years, others are not. At the end of the period, a difference of eight points widened between smokers and others, says Madeleine Meier, a psychologist at Duke University, North Carolina (southeast). She is the lead author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Yet, “IQ is supposed to be stable as we get older,” she said. For people who have never smoked cannabis, their IQ was even slightly increased a few tenths of points. “We know that IQ is a strong determinant for access to university, earned income throughout life, access to employment and job performance, “says researcher.

Someone who loses eight IQ points in his teens and twenties may find themselves at a disadvantage compared to their peers of the same age for many major aspects of life. And for many years, she says, noting that the significant difference is not due to other factors (education, alcohol, other drugs, etc.).. Marijuana users also showed lower memory capacity, concentration and alertness, according to the study. Those who slowed their consumption the year before their 38-year time of the second test, did not mean better results. Conversely, smokers who started only in adulthood did not suffer from such an intellectual gap with non-smokers. “Adolescence is a very sensitive period of brain development,” says the psychologist. Using substances that act directly on the young mind can disrupt normal brain processes, she says. By cons, this study did not evaluate the effects of a shutdown or slowdown of consumption earlier in life, and does not specify either, the quantities consumed.

U.S. Open: Simon and Mathieu on the wire

The French Gilles Simon, head of series N.16, qualified Monday for the second round of the U.S. Open by beating American Michael Russell (107th globally), 7-6 (7/4), 3-6 5-7, 6-4, 6-1. The party lasted for 4h 26. Gilles Simon, 27, will face the giant Croatian Ivo Karlovic, the 75th player in the world today, or qualified Taiwanese Jimmy Wang (182nd) for a place in the third round of the last Grand Slam of the season.

Shortly after, Paul-Henri Mathieu managed to qualify for the second round back in a delay of two sets and saving two match against Russian Igor Andreev (97th worldwide). At Roland Garros, where the Alsatian 30 years had played three matches in five sets only four months after his return to the courts after a long absence through injury, “Paulo” showed character to win a memorable battle with a score of 2-6, 4-6, 7/6 (7/1), 7/6 (7/4), 6-1. The 128th world, former N.12 to ATP, dismissed two match points at 6-5 in the fourth inning with a service winner and an ace. Seven of the ten lights go. This strong performance was the highlight of the first day on the French side, where seven of the ten competing lights Monday have passed the 1st round. In the women’s division Marion Bartoli started the U.S. Open on the right foot with a victory over American Jamie Hampton 6-3, 7-6 (7/5). She would have had time to complete before a thunderstorm comes not interrupt the game for more than two hours. The French No.1, seeded N.11 meet in the next round Romina Oprandi of Switzerland, which has dominated in two sets (6-2, 7-5) Germany’s Andrea Petkovic. 

Accenture: Leader in Business Technology Transformation

Milan, 28 August – Accenture was named a “Leader in Business Technology Transformation” by Forrester Research,  an independent research and consulting company worldwide. 

“The position of leader was awarded to Accenture by Forrester because of its ‘demonstration of proven global expertise and innovative approach to a complex transformation enabled by technology companies, said Marty Cole, Group Chief Executive, Technology, Accenture. “We are passionately committed to helping our customers to transform their companies through a unique mix consisting of a vast industry knowledge, expertise, advanced technology and excellent capacity in the management of business processes.

Security flaw in Java 7 affects any operating system

A major security flaw in Java 7 may affect users of Windows, OS X (Mac) and Linux if the program have Oracle installed. The attack can be triggered via any browser and can potentially affect therefore any operating system .

According to a laboratory grade ESET “it all started with the publication of an article on the blog of FireEye  which warned of the existence of an exploit that was being actively exploited ”

Meanwhile, the engineering manager Metasploit, Tod Beardsley, described the attack as “super dangerous” .

ESET claims that “the severity of this vulnerability is further aggravated after finding that  Oracle has not released or plans to release soon a security update that will resolve the issue. ” “The next round of updates to the ‘software’ of Java is scheduled for October,” said Ty. He added that “even if Oracle decides to release a patch out of cycle, it will still take a few days, more than enough time to infect millions of machines” .

The ‘exploits’, part of ‘software’ which aim to breach security to access a computer-discovered have been directed only to users of Windows , however this does not mean it can not affect other operating systems -Linux and OS X.

For OS X Lion and Lion Mountain input has a modest level of protection, since Java is not installed by default on these operating systems.

However, it is still possible to have Java installed on OS X Lion and Lion Mountain after accepting the license that prompts the user to download the software from Oracle.

Meanwhile, users of Leopard and Snow Leopard preinstalled whose teams bring Java do have an increased risk compared to ‘exploit’ of Java 7 discovered by Beardsley.

Apple still maintains Java 6 on their computers, says Beardsley. Vulnerability is not Java 6, but int the new functionality in Java 7″ so Mac users can rest easy if they have the previous version of Java, provided they have special care if you are asked to download Java 7.

For now, the only possible recommendation is to disable Java altogether in all browsers we use.

5 things assisted-living homes and nursing centers will not tell you

Many people are often left wondering if care and nursing homes are same as assisted-living homes and if they are different, then what is it that essentially separates them?

Well, for starters, the simple answer is that no, they are both not the same and the difference is that in a nursing home you get skilled medical attention round the clock and plenty of care while in an assisted-living home the patient is offered privacy and adequate support from the staff. In essence, assisted-living homes are for those who need minimum attention and help and prefer a more home-like setting.

But before you chose one, here are 5 things that most assisted-living homes might not tell you.

  1. You might have to check out of an assisted-living center as soon as your health deteriorates beyond a certain point. This is one of the major reasons why most people do not stay much beyond an year or two in assisted-living homes and quite often move on to nursing homes. Either the center itself will ask you to move out or state laws often demand a patient to be moved to a care with more medical attention.
  2. There are often hidden prices that come attached. While the fact remains that assisted-living homes are expensive as it is, they pretty much can send you an additional tab home every month for the various ‘little things’ that your loved one used or received as additional services.
  3. Most assisted-living homes do not have staff that is highly trained when it comes to dealing with medical emergencies and neither do they have round-the-clock medical services at hand. Many often do try and tell this to those getting admitted, but most people pay little attention to this vital detail until it is too late.
  4. Assisted living is pretty much exactly that. Do not expect complete care or even competent care system; especially at nights. Often, you are pretty much on your own and privacy can turn into a nightmare.
  5. Dignity is something that is rarely served well in assisted-living homes and often you are turned into a prisoner or someone at a boarding institution with a strict warden. Hence, it is best to know your rights and what you are offered before you decide to check in.

Thunderstorms: nine departments alert

The heat is part of the storms themselves that linger over the country. The north-eastern France on Thursday will be affected by a stormy episode that could occasionally be violent in the evening. New departments have been placed in orange alert by France weather from Thursday 16 pm until 7:00 Friday: Departments of Franche-Comté region and the Allier (03), Côte-d’Or ( 21), Nièvre (58), the Puy-de-Dôme (63) and the Saône-et-Loire (71). Such storms can be accompanied by hail, strong winds (exceeding 100 km / h locally) and intense rainfall. Between that night and Friday morning, these storms will stagnate in the northeast, giving durable and heavy rains, raising fears of flooding , the greatest caution in these regions. The plain of Alsace will be affected to a lesser extent, but we must also be vigilant.



Archos unveils its new tablet 101 XS

As more and more manufacturers fail on the market for touch pads, French Archos is still holding on. Last night, the brand formalized the launch of a new range of original Android tablets. Available in mid-September, the XS 101 has a magnetic coverboard (cover). Just turn it around and discover a real alphanumeric keyboard on which the tablet can fit in an oblique position. The XS 101 is the thinnest  on the market: 8 mm (9.4 mm for the Apple iPad) and only 13 mm with protection, with a weight of 600 g. White is available this time. Equipped with a dual processor heart of 1.5 Hz each, this 10-inch diagonal competes in browsing speed and play with all its competitors, with the exception of the iPad to Apple. Another strong point of this tablet – only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – designed in France but made in China, price: € 379 for 16 GB of memory. The 101 model followed by a 9-inch (4/3) and an 8 inch less than 200 €.

PSG: Thiago Silva visits teammates

In the aftermath of the clear victory of Brazil over Sweden in a friendly match (3-0), the captain of the squad Thiago Silva, recently transferred from AC Milan for PSG, made his first steps Thursday afternoon at Camp Lodges. He came to attend the training of his new teammates, the future head of the Paris defense arrival was applauded by the group. Jeans, relaxed, he spent 45 minutes on the sidelines, talking with several players, like his compatriot Maxwell. He also talked at length with Carlo Ancelotti.

The club wishes to present to the press at the beginning of next week. Silva, who is coming off a frustrating Olympics adventure where Brazil has collected the silver medal, will be officially presented to the press next week . “I still feel a little tired. Ajaccio playing on Sundayseems a little complicated, but I want to see what Carlo has. I am waiting for the match against Bordeaux (August 26). In any case, I really want to succeed in this adventure with Paris . This is a new stage for me, “he explained late Wednesday. Thiago Silva, 27, has officially started in July with PSG for a period of five years with a net salary of € 7.5 million per year.

Sony Mobile will lay off 1,000 workers, 15% of its workforce

Sony Mobile, the mobile division of Sony Corporation, has announced plans to reduce by 15% of its workforce, which is firing about 1,000 workers, mainly in Sweden, along its fiscal years 2012 and 2013 (ie until the end of March 2014).

Specifically, the company has filed a notice Thursday to the Swedish authorities to report that some 650 employees of Sony Mobile in Lund (Sweden) could be affected by this restructuring. The remaining staff reductions will mainly affect consultants in Sweden, the firm added.

The mobile subsidiary of Sony has indicated that this measure aims to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and drive profitable growth for the business after joining the Sony group.

Japan’s Sony completed last February, the acquisition of 50% stake in the joint venture it had with Ericsson in the mobile phone business since October 2001, Sony-Ericsson, a Swedish partner by 1,050 million euros.

In addition, the Japanese conglomerate Sony said in April it plans to remove over this year 10,000 jobs worldwide, representing about 6% of the workforce of the Japanese multinational.

Moved its headquarters to Japan

Moreover, Sony Mobile will move its corporate headquarters and some other functions to Tokyo (Japan) from Lund (Sweden) in October 2012, as indicated by the firm, who added that Lund will remain an important strategic center focused on software and application development.

The company has said it will carry out a plan to reshape the responsibilities and roles of the centers of Tokyo, Lund and Beijing (China) in order to capitalize on their strengths.

President and CEO of Sony Mobile, Kunimasa Suzuki, has indicated that the group has identified the mobile segment as one of its core businesses and has suggested that the portfolio of smartphone brand ‘Xperia’ is gaining momentum among customers worldwide.

Suzuki said the company continues to accelerate the integration and convergence with Sony to constantly improve the supply and achieve more efficient operating structure to help reduce costs and achieve higher Sony Mobile strengths.

40 corpses found in a basement on the outskirts of Damascus

The Syrian opposition has announced Tuesday the discovery of 40 bodies in a basement of the Sham Moadamiya population, on the outskirts of Damascus, where they have also killed at least 16 people as a result of shelling by government forces.

The Sham activist network in that area, Suheib to Qasem, explained via the Internet that the 40 victims found in the basement were executed.

Both the Local Coordination Committees (CCL) and the General Commission of the Syrian Revolution confirmed this execution and indicated that the building where they discovered the bodies are located in the main street of the village, near the Mosque of Omar.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights amounted to tens corpses and said that the building belongs to the clan Syrian Katkut .

Sham is the white Moadamiya yesterday of bombings and attacks by troops loyal to the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, trying to regain control of the town, in the hands of the insurgency.

According to the Sham and the CGRS network, at least 16 people died when a helicopter bombing participants at the funerals of the victims of yesterday, a figure that rose to thirty CCL.

Moreover, the regime’s forces concentrated their bombardment in the towns of Qatna and Duma, on the outskirts of Damascus, and in the neighborhoods of the capital Al Qadam, Al and Al Asali Mezzeh .

They were also punished stocks and Al Hirak Dael in the province of Deraa (south), Al and Al Mayadin Asharna in Deir al Zur (this); Rastan in Homs (center) and Sahara and Dar Al Aza, in Aleppo (north).

An activist identified as Abu Naim, located in the city of Aleppo, said that heavy fighting waged by the army and the rebels have become hot areas for civilian neighborhoods of Saladin, Seif al-Daula, Al Shaar and Tariq al Bab.

“People who lost their homes and sleep on the streets have no food or medicine”, lamented the activist.

Across the country, the FTC reported the deaths of more than a hundred people by bombing and fighting between both sides (including the bodies of executed Moadamiya al Sham).

Just today, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called on the Syrian regime in Moscow after meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Syria, Qadri Jamil, to give more steps for reconciliationbetween the authorities and the armed opposition.

Russia and China, countries like France, the U.S. and the UK have veto in the Security Council of the UN, reject foreign intervention in Syria.