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5 Easy Ways to Decorate for the Holidays with a Rustic Style


Decorating for the Christmas holiday season doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can add a festive touch to your home or office with simple touches.

Branches and Greenery

One of the easiest things you can do is go for a hike in your neighborhood, backyard, or even a drive in the country and gather some branches. Red ones are nice but even plain ones can work. The great thing is that they are free. You can leave them as they are, or even spray paint them white or silver if you’re feeling creative and have the space to do this. Place the branches in a tall glass vase. Check your local dollar store, if you don’t have one. Buy a 20-50 light string of white lights and wind them throughout the vase. Set your vase with twigs and lights on a table or hallway chest near an outlet, plug them in and voila—a little holiday magic!

While you’re out in the bush, cut some spruce branches that you can add in a vase. This will add a lovely scent to your home. If you gather enough branches, you can dangle small ornaments from them.


All you need is 5 equal lengths of wood, of any type—wooden dowels, branches or flat 1 inch wide pieces. Lay them out in a star pattern and use hot glue and twine to fasten the points of the star. Wind clear white lights around the star and you have a chic and rustic star to hang or lean on a shelf!


Create a unique Scandinavian style “tree”, using 2 roughly 6’ to 7’ pieces of wood, leaning together in an inverted “V”. Add a rustic metal or paper star purchased from your local hobby or dollar store to the top. Effortlessly, drape clear white lights around the wooden frame to create a tree shape.  Dangle a few silver ornaments, lightweight twig reindeer, snowflakes etc.

Tres chic!

Table Centerpiece

Simply place pine branches, pine cones and small silver and gold balls and perhaps some small white or red fake berries and a silver star garland around a cake stand.  Add a pillar candle from the dollar store to the center. So simple, and so beautiful. Now you are all set to entertain your holiday guests!

Gift Wrapping

Rustic is the way to go with your gift wrapping. Buy a roll of brown kraft wrapping paper at the local dollar store, and some twine, or red and white twisted ribbon. Leftover Christmas cards from the previous year make great gift tags when they are trimmed. Simply punch a hole through the tag and add your ribbon. Adding a wooden star or similar small ornament, or a sprig of red berries gives a nice touch.

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