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5 things assisted-living homes and nursing centers will not tell you


Many people are often left wondering if care and nursing homes are same as assisted-living homes and if they are different, then what is it that essentially separates them?

Well, for starters, the simple answer is that no, they are both not the same and the difference is that in a nursing home you get skilled medical attention round the clock and plenty of care while in an assisted-living home the patient is offered privacy and adequate support from the staff. In essence, assisted-living homes are for those who need minimum attention and help and prefer a more home-like setting.

But before you chose one, here are 5 things that most assisted-living homes might not tell you.

  1. You might have to check out of an assisted-living center as soon as your health deteriorates beyond a certain point. This is one of the major reasons why most people do not stay much beyond an year or two in assisted-living homes and quite often move on to nursing homes. Either the center itself will ask you to move out or state laws often demand a patient to be moved to a care with more medical attention.
  2. There are often hidden prices that come attached. While the fact remains that assisted-living homes are expensive as it is, they pretty much can send you an additional tab home every month for the various ‘little things’ that your loved one used or received as additional services.
  3. Most assisted-living homes do not have staff that is highly trained when it comes to dealing with medical emergencies and neither do they have round-the-clock medical services at hand. Many often do try and tell this to those getting admitted, but most people pay little attention to this vital detail until it is too late.
  4. Assisted living is pretty much exactly that. Do not expect complete care or even competent care system; especially at nights. Often, you are pretty much on your own and privacy can turn into a nightmare.
  5. Dignity is something that is rarely served well in assisted-living homes and often you are turned into a prisoner or someone at a boarding institution with a strict warden. Hence, it is best to know your rights and what you are offered before you decide to check in.

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