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7 Best Summer Outdoor Retreat Design Ideas


As summer heats up, we all have the desire to spend more time outside. We dust the cobwebs off our bikes, hit the trails and often look to public parks to tame our wanderlust and benches to sit awhile and breathe in the fresh air.

Personalize your patio with planters.

We also crave our own spaces that we can personalize with plantings, décor, and comfortable chairs and loungers. Creating an area on your balcony, patio, roof top or deck, will provide you with your own oasis to unwind, kickback and entertain.

Here are some essential items to include in that dreamy space:

Protection from the Sun:

As welcome as the sun is, the heat can be pretty brutal some days so plan on creating some shade by incorporating an umbrella, canopy, or gazebo depending on the space you have. If you’re really lucky, you already have a shade-producing tree nearby.

Pots and planters with annual flowers add colour to your space.


Bring indoor houseplants out, include herbs in planters, patio tomatoes, lettuce baskets, or even strawberries in hanging pots. Pots with combinations of annuals area great colorful touch. Keep in mind: one large potted plant will have more impact than lots of small ones. Water regularly and keep them well fed with fertilizer. Well-fed plants look better and are more resistant to pests and disease. Maximize green space by utilizing vertical surfaces or hanging gardens.

Create a mood with lighting.


Lights will set the mood when the sun is going down. There are many choices from solar to electric or candles to set the mood. Patio lanterns come in all shapes and sizes now and are wonderful to decorate with.

Outdoor Carpets:

Not only does it looks great, it will protect your deck or patio. Outdoor carpets come in a wide array of colors and patterns and are much nicer to walk on than concrete or wood.

Gazebos add shade and privacy.


Add privacy screens or lattice board if needed to create a private area that doesn’t affect your neighbors.


Nature sounds are wonderful but sometimes you want to add some tunes. An outdoor Bluetooth speaker is a great accessory. You won’t have to blast your music extra loud indoors to be able to enjoy it outside. Just connect your Bluetooth speaker to your sound system and enjoy wherever you are outside.

Designated areas:

Space permitting, include an eating area, a BBQ area, a sitting and lounging area. If your space is limited, a bistro set including a small table and 2 chairs will serve the purpose.

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