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7 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Spring


We are often delighted when a winter thaw hits in February and set our sights on spring which is just around the corner. Or so we think. Then we move on and along comes the cold windy wet days of March often mixed with the wet snowy days. Either way, ones’ thoughts of spring move a little further off on the horizon.

There are, however, things we can do to prepare ourselves now for when those wonderful warm breezes appear and windows can be flung open and sunshine hits our smiling faces. Things we can do to ready ourselves and our home for spring now!

Buy Some Spring Flowers

Bring some spring flowers into your living space. The grocery stores bring in tulips, bright yellow daffodils and pots of fragrant hyacinth blooms right about now, just to get us in the right mood for spring. Plants bring new energy into our space and flowers will make just about anyone happy!

Clean Out your Closet

I know this doesn’t sound like the most pleasant task.  But you will feel much better afterward! Make a couple of piles, one pile devoted to the clothes you haven’t been wearing and are unlikely to, that can be donated to a thrift store.

You can move your heavier sweaters to the back of your closet, and bring forward your spring t-shirts and tops.

Let Go of the Old

Let go of what is not serving you well in your life right now. Spring is a time of renewal, so it is the perfect time to get rid of bad habits.

Eat Spring Foods

What are spring foods, you ask? These are the foods that are abundant in the spring. Foods like strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, spinach and peas! How about some nice strawberry/rhubarb pie?

Early Planting

Now is a good time to start off some seeds for planting in May or June. Even an indoor herb garden would add some nice greenery and come in handy in the kitchen too!

Put A Spring Wreath on Your Front Door

I always like to have a wreath on my front door and try to get the most of them.  My Christmas wreath is also a winter one that hangs until March, when a pretty spring one can take over and get us excited for warmer weather.

Take a Road Trip

When spring comes in fully, we get really busy, not knowing what job to tackle first. There are the windows that need washing, the car, the shed and garage that needs sorting, and all the gardens that need tending. Now is a good time to go on a road trip and tour some of the changing countrysides as the snow melts.


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