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Live simply

To live simply seems like it would be (pardon the pun) such a simple concept. But on some days we have appointments, places to be and things to accomplish, other people in our lives that need attention, more than ourselves. Sometimes these are things we want to do, choose to do, sometimes, not. When our days get so full and so busy, we must force ourselves to stop and catch ourselves and just breathe. And not let the stress wear us down.

Living simply is knowing when to be connected and when to unplug each day.  We all need a good balance of both. In our effort to be connected we are often on our electronic devices, checking email, news reports, social media. To keep this habit a positive one, set a time limit and beware of what this is keeping you from. Is there someone else or a pet that needs some attention? At the end of the day, what can you say that you have accomplished?

Living simply includes getting out in nature. Be near water. Breathe outdoor air. Absorb some sunshine. Remember when you were a kid and your mother made sure you got outside to play for at least 15 minutes each day? Remember the scheduled recess from school days? There was a reason for that.

If your day allows, find a place in nature where you can enjoy the silence. Walk on that trail. Head to that park. Get away from the traffic, the noises and the demands of your day and enjoy the sounds of silence. Find your own adventure.

Living simply means figuring out what makes you happy and strive for it. Try not to be so serious. Laugh out loud once or twice a day. Love more. Be kind. Do kind acts.

Living simply means being aware of your daily choices.

Finding our daily balance is easier said than done.  But the good thing is, that if we fail one day, there is always another chance, and we can try again on the next day.

Stay true to your beliefs, and keep on your path. It is the path that matters, not so much your accomplishments. Remember that we are not perfect beings, we are human beings.

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