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Advantages of Samsung’s LED TV Technology


Series 5 LED TVs from Samsung combines all the advantages of LED technology, whether vivid color images and low energy consumption. It offers enthusiasts detail, high image quality by bringing to the satisfaction of every scene crystal clear images.

LED screens are LCD screens using innovative backlight technology, whereby the brightness of the panel is better managed than conventional LCD flat screens. The fluorescent tubes (CCFL) are replaced by hundreds of light emitting diodes (LED), located at the rear of the LCD panel.

These LEDs are electronic components capable of emitting light when traversed by electric current.
However, their principle of operation is the same as the traditional LCD, and is different plasma technology that uses no liquid crystal cells but self-powered gas. This system can illuminate each pixel of the plasma panel, or over two million pixels.

In addition, LED technology improves the image quality of LCD screens. The LED backlighting can use the LCD panel more homogeneous. The more LEDs, the higher homogeneity of the backlight will be important. This contrast enhancement is optimal LED screens using the Local Dimming technology. As a result, blacks are deep. The use of LEDs has the advantage of limiting the loss of energy to illuminate different areas of the screen. Energy consumption up to 40% less than conventional LCD screens.

There are two LED technology. In a technology called EDGE LED diodes are placed on the edge of the LCD panel. Light reflectors can diffuse the light of the LEDs on the whole of the LCD panel. This technology saves thickness screens and get even finer, less than 3 cm.

In LED technology called FULL or DIRECT LED diodes are arranged on the entire surface of the LCD panel. The backlight is more homogeneous than the EDGE LED, but the thickness of the screen is larger. In some TVs, the backlight is provided by three LED (RGB: red, green, and blue). This system allows a better fit of colorimetry.

These two technologies can, on some models, benefit in addition to the technology “Local Dimming” technology which allows Smart backlight to turn on or off an area of ​​LCD. It optimizes the contrast according to the type of picture shown.

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