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Aging Well – In Your Own Home or Care Facility?


Due to the baby boom that happened post World War 11, a new milestone has been reached in North America. The population of people aged 65 or older outnumbers children. And that number is only going to steadily increase, and more than double by the year 2050.

Who should bear the burden of caring for the aging population?

The result is that seniors are putting more pressure on government, health care providers, pharmacies and drug companies.  Younger workers are also feeling the squeeze, with increasing tax dollars going to healthcare spending.

While most baby boomers (those aged 50 to 69) will retire with good health, wealth, and a longer life expectancy, they will need to consider their own needs for care as they age. Many become caregivers of their own parents and learn lessons there.

The question arises, as to where one ideally wants to spend those years as you age. Do we want to live in our own home environment, surrounded by the familiarity of our friends, family, and the comforts and mementos of our lives, or in a clean professionally-managed facility?

On the one hand, you would be dependent on either family members or paid professional caregivers to come into your home. Meals and medications can be delivered. Your home can be outfitted to your physical needs, with handholds, chairlifts, wider door openings, etc.  Any repair or maintenance of your house can be sourced out. This does come at a price, both financially and the toll it would place on family caregivers.  It is not without stress.

The alternative would be living in a senior’s residence. Again, the cost. Caregivers and professionals are close-at-hand, meds are doled out, laundry is done and meals are provided. It sounds ideal, but we have all heard the horror stories, of the neglect, unsavory meals, and rough handling by overworked and ill-tempered nursing assistants.

Your physical and mental state will determine the extent of care you need.  In many cases, it is a personal one. Ultimately, who should bear the cost and the burden of your declining ability to take care of yourself?

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