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Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 on September 12


Apple introducing iPhone 5 this year was a secret that ran like wildfire through the Internet and the media, and that any analyst discounted. Although there is no official confirmation, as is customary in each time Apple has any of its devices, the media has been a call for September 12 where the phrase “is almost here” and the number 12 below, accompanied by the shadow of a 5.

The buzz created by the rumor of a new model launch in autumn has achieved a milestone in the bag: the company got, on Monday August 20, pass a value of 503.845 million euros before the announcement of new products which, obviously, will be a success .

According to FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger, Apple will beat all its records with the iPhone 5. Berger Mashable has insured that the new “smartphone” will sell 250 million units in what is considered its lifetime and will report to the company a profit of 144,000 million dollars (116.072 million euros).

Given that Apple has launched five models of iPhone on the market and they have obtained 50 000 million (EUR 40.228 million), the new iPhone will be, according to Berger, “a veritable tsunami” because throughout its lifecycle The iPhone 5 would sell the same number of units as other phone models so far.

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