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Berlin rules out that Spain is going to require financial support from the European bailout funds


The Foreign Minister of Germany, Guido Westerwelle, ruled that Spain is going to require financial support from the European bailout funds for the second time because of the “great determination” of the government of Mariano Rajoy in the adoption of reforms.

In an interview with the newspaper Germanic ‘The Bild am Sonntag’ which is published Sunday, Westerwelle says that “Spain is a very solid with a very strong economy” . “The Spanish government of Mariano Rajoy has shown great determination to implement the reforms,” said German Foreign Minister. “That’s why I’m so optimistic about Spain,” he added.

Westerwelle, who is spending his vacation in Mallorca, emphasizes that the German Government rejects the collectivization of European debt, which would imply the creation of Eurobonds . “To me this is not negotiable. Eurobonds hurt the crisis, not palliate” argues Westerwelle.

This is one of the main demands of Spain, Italy and France in order to shore up confidence in financial markets and halt the upward trend in risk premiums and interest on debts Italian and Spanish, before levels reach such levels “unsustainable”.

In this regard, he stresses in a message released by the most conservative government of Angela Merkel, “The euro and Europe is threatened not only by the lack of solidarity, but also by the excess of solidarity, “Westerwelle highlights.

“With a shared responsibility, we will put the euro at risk, “stressed Foreign Minister, referring to euro zone. However, it unclear whether the German Government is opposed with the same rigidity to the purchase of the debt by the European Central Bank, as did earlier this year, easing market pressure on Italy and Spain, acting under “independence” of Eurobanco.

At the most personal, Westerwelle account in the interview that Mallorca has been assiduously your holiday destination. “I love Mallorca from my childhood, my father sent me here to teach me to swim,” he explains. “Mallorca has some beautiful scenery, great culture and nightlife for young people,” says Foreign Minister of Germany, who confesses his predilection for Padrón peppers.

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