The Downside of the Desk Job

Sitting at a desk all day has become the new smoking. Being trapped in a chair, typing madly and staring at a computer all day can lead to body and health problems. But perhaps your job requires just that. How much exercise should you squeeze into your day to undo the damage?

Hunching, neck tension, and eye strain are a few of the downsides of that desk job.

The good news is that by including some daily exercise, and making good ergonomic choices, you can avoid any problems.

Lower Back Strain

The most common desk-job complaint is lower back pain. Slumping or slouching can cause you back to be out of alignment. What to do? Alleviate immediate pain by rocking your pelvis back and forth while sitting on your chair. This will loosen your back muscles. For the long-term, make sure your back reaches the back of your chair. If not, add a cushion. Also, your feet should be resting flat on the floor, so the weight of your legs are supported and not adding strain to your back. If not, add a footstool. Including a few daily ab crunches can strengthen your core, also taking less strain off your back.

Wrist Strain

Whenever you are using a mouse of pounding on a keyboard, your wrist tendons get a workout. The constant repetitive motion can cause tension and fatigue. Poor posture can decrease blood flow, causing tingling and numbness. Quickly relieve tension by doing a prayer stretch, palms together and elbows out, lowering your hands for a good 5-second stretch. The long-term solution is to hold your hands naturally and out horizontally over the keyboard. Also, use a wrist rest and rest them often.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

To release a tight neck, keep your spine straight push your chin forward, and then reverse the movement pulling your head back. Repeat four times. For both your neck and shoulders, tilt your right ear down to toward your shoulder, leaving your left arm down by your side. Repeat on the opposite side. Hold for 60 seconds and repeat up to four times on each side for immediate relief from tightness.

For the long-term, adjust your workstation so that your monitor is directly in front of you, not angled to one side. Use a chair with adjustable arm rests, so that your arms can rest at a 90 degree angle. This takes tension from the shoulders.

Eye Strain

Having a monitor placed incorrectly­–too far away or too near, blinking less often, and starring at one for hours on end can lead to sore dry eyes.

To quickly relieve tension, look away from the screen every 20 or 30 minutes, and hold the gaze for at least 20 seconds. Even better, get up and take a walk away from your desk and give your eyes a chance to focus on other objects.

If you wear glasses, makes sure you have the right prescription glasses for the location of your computer screen.  It is recommended that your computer monitor is 20 to 40 inches away from you. The top of the monitor should be roughly at eye level. You can also place a filter over your monitor to reduce glare.

Add exercise to your day

All that excessive sitting can leave your hips and legs tight and your glutes inactive.

Try taking time for a daily walk or run. Take time to do a few leg stretches before heading out such as leg swings from side to side and forward and back. Do 20 swings each way. Add a squat, and a hold it for up to 60 seconds. These are just a couple of stretches to help you limber up a bit. There are many more you can do if you need to and many resources online where you can find them. Any activity you can add to your day where you are not sitting would be a benefit!





Job Search Tips: References

When it comes to job search these days, discussion usually centres on how the Internet and digital technology have changed things. However, it is important not to forget that some of the basics of job search have not changed over the years. One of the key aspects that does not get as much attention as it deserves is References. Believe it or not, it is possible to make it all the way through job search and be on the verge of getting an offer only to have it torpedoed by one of your references.

Here are some tips to follow in regards to your references that can make or break your job search:

Choose the right people

While we are sure that your mom would like to help you get that job, you need to be a little more imaginative. Be sure to only choose people whose opinions and positions are relevant to the job you seek. It is one thing to have someone vouch for your character, but you really need more than that.

Be sure to have their permission

Just because you had a good relationship with your old supervisor, do not automatically assume that they would be willing to be a reference for you. Always contact potential references first and get their permission. Put yourself in their shoes: how would you like it if someone phoned you up out of the blue and asked for your opinion of someone without you knowing in advance? You might not handle it very well.

Coach them

There is nothing wrong with telling a reference what you would like them to say about you. Feel free to give them aspects of your career or experience to emphasize in conversation with the prospective employer. Also be sure to tell them things that you would not want them to say.


Product Placement in Movies and TV Shows

Have you ever been really engrossed in a movie, only to have its spell broken by a blatant advertisement? You sit there thinking, “Why would the director have this big emotional moment playing out in front of a Coca-Cola billboard? It’s all I end up seeing in the shot.”

In that case, it’s possible the director did not have a choice. As the costs of making movies and promoting them continue to rise, movie studios are looking for ways to save money. One recent boon has been tax credits. Areas like Georgia, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia offer tax credits—sometimes quite substantial ones—to encourage production in those areas. Depending on the size of the production, than can mean millions of dollars in savings, while also leading to much local hiring and economic stimulation. So, win-win, even though it means Toronto having to sub for New York City yet again.

However, Hollywood has spent more time relying on the quick and easy savings that come from product placement. In the early days of the practice, having someone eat Kentucky Fried Chicken onscreen might mean a few days worth of free chicken for the cast and crew. However, the rewards have expanded considerably in recent years. Depending on the movie and the product, millions of dollars might change in hands in order for James Bond to wear a certain type of watch or a drink a certain brand of alcohol (Daniel Craig’s 007 infamously broke from tradition of Vodka Martinis by drinking Heineken beer in SKYFALL).

Do you find it distracting to see name brands appearing in movies and TV shows? Producers argue that this adds to the realism, but if you bought a ticket (and are already sitting through ads before the movie or during the show), haven’t you already done your part?

Daniel Craig and a certain brand of laptop in SPECTRE. Courtesy MGM/Sony.


Why Are There So Few Canadian Paralegal Textbooks?

There are over two dozen accredited paralegal programs in Ontario. Last year, the Law Society of Upper Canada issued 994 new paralegal licenses. There is a clear demand for paralegal education in the province; so why are there so few Canadian paralegal textbooks on the market?

If you search for paralegal textbooks on a site like Amazon, you’ll find plenty of results. However, most of them are written for and by American paralegals. These books are at least inadequate for Ontario paralegal students – in many cases, the information they contain is simply incorrect or irrelevant when it comes to Ontario.

It’s not just that Canadian law is different from American law. It’s that paralegals in Ontario play a different role from most of their American colleagues.

In most parts of Canada and the United States, a paralegal is someone who works under the supervision of a lawyer. While a paralegal’s duties vary across different workplaces, they generally do work similar to that of a law clerk or a legal assistant. Many paralegals have an education in the law, but as of mid-2017, Ontario is the only jurisdiction in North America where paralegals are licensed and regulated by the law society.

The fact that paralegals in Ontario are licensed means paralegal students are held to fairly strict educational standards. All paralegal applicants must complete an accredited paralegal program, and all programs must meet the Law Society’s criteria. The mandatory subject areas include criminal law, administrative law, alternative dispute resolution, and ethics.

Because of this, it’s important that these programs use material from a Canadian textbook publisher writing with Ontario paralegals in mind. However, few publishers offer textbooks specific to Ontario paralegal programs.

Since Ontario is the only province to regulate paralegals, a textbook written for paralegals in Ontario is not entirely relevant to paralegals in other provinces. Additionally, the paralegal scope of practice includes areas of law that vary between provinces (such as provincial offences and Ontario tribunals.) This limits the potential audience for the book.

Another reason for the lack of material is that the licensed paralegal profession is still very new. The Law Society only started regulating paralegals in 2017. Many large, international publishers are still waiting to see how the profession changes over time. In the meantime, Canadian textbook publishers have stepped in meet the demand.


Sears Canada in Big Trouble, Closing Stores

For those of a certain age, department stores are a big part of our past as consumers. Need a new shirt, jacket, or dress? Head out to Eaton’s, J.C. Penny, or Sears. Looking for Christmas presents? Head out to the mall and hit the anchor store first.

However, consumer shopping patterns have changed dramatically in recent years. Online shopping has exploded and become popular with virtually every demographic. There is no arguing the convenience of sitting home at your computer comparing styles and prices, making a few clicks of your mouse, and then having the merchandise show up a few days later. It makes shopping for gifts so easy, you might end up buying for more people than usual.

Sears has been struggling for a while now and it was announced the other day that the company was seeking bankruptcy protection. Today, the company made a further statement of their plans, announcing that 59 locations will be closing in Canada, which means the loss of about 2900 jobs. The stores affected will consist of full-line locations, Sears Home stores, Sears Outlet stores and Sears Hometown locations. Closeout sales will also be announced soon.

Retail has declined dramatically in recent years and, unfortunately, there is reason to expect that this trend will continue, which means more store closures and more job losses.

I like department stores because I enjoy browsing. I also prefer to try clothes on before I buy. Yes, you can know your general size, but the only way to know just how nice the clothes look on you is to get in them. You can do that at home, but who wants to take the trouble to send things back?

Do you still use department stores like Sears? Click the comment button and let us know! The closing of big chains like Sears will also undoubtedly have a negative affect on the malls that host them.

A Sears distribution centre in Montreal. By –, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Automotive Market Uncovered

Each of the Big Three must put together 3 to 5 year budget plan in order to project their capital requirements. Ford for the next 3 years in their spending plan procedure is revealing continued market share erosion in each of the next three years. It is likely that both General Motors and DaimlerChrysler are acting out the same situation.

Jerry Sullivan is the head of the largest UAW car employee’s union at Ford. He has 36 years with Ford, and the last 10 years as head of UAW Local 600. Sullivan is prompting his fellow workers to accept the present Ford buyout arrangement which is on the table for Ford workers to consider.

Ford lost almost $13 billion in the last 12 months. The union recognizes that Ford’s back is up against the wall, and it’s time to try to conserve the company. Ford is reorganizing the way it develops cars, more along the lines of Japanese manufacturing strategies. As an example, many of their employees are now working 4 day shifts of 10 hours. These shifts can include weekends. The workers are consenting to work at routine incomes instead of overtime rates.

For those who need a car to go to work every day, buying a car has been more expense efficient considering that paying for gas is less costly than paying a certain quantity of fear. This is especially true for those who live far away from their office or those who need to take a trip a lot in their work.

How Would You Have Known?

This summer, the National Union will be working out health care advantages among other problems. Now health care costs are at least 50 % higher than overseas employees. It’s extremely hard for Ford, or anyone for that matter to make up the incremental difference in these costs, and still offer cars at a competitive rate in view of world markets. The Japanese operating under a various rate structure are in a position to basically more goodies into the cars, and still offer them at a more affordable rate than our domestic products, then there’s the quality concern.

Let’s look at it this way. Our stock study reveals that the average car Ford produces compared with Japan has about $2400 of additional profits constructed in the Japanese car as compared to the American produced automobile. About half of that space is higher labor costs for the American item, and about half of the labor costs are higher medical care costs for retired automotive workers. The Japanese companies have -0- costs, that’s right, zero associated medical care costs for their RETIRED employees. This is due to the fact that in Japan those medical care costs are picked up at the nationwide level by the government, who gets medical costs for all retired people.

General Motors like all openly traded companies should submit its yearly report with the Securities Exchange Commission on a timely basis. Would you believe that GM has asked the SEC for an extension for its filing to March 16th of this year? GM continues to be unable to act its financial act together. This, paired with an inability to make cars that people want to purchase makes the future not altogether too bright for America’s biggest car manufacturer.

GM has also revealed an interest in obtaining the Chrysler unit of DaimlerChrysler, which is up for sale. This presumes there will certainly be proposals for the Chrysler unit. DaimlerChrysler in German has announced that if there are no bids, they will keep the unit, and continue to attempt to turn it around.

It’s seems that GM’s newest trouble is their General Motor Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) subsidiary. The funding subsidiary was partly sold to a group of personal equity players last April. The problem is when you do such a deal; you need to put in stipulations that everything is lovely, or just as it needs to be. Apparently GMAC has several lenders who are what you would call subprime borrowers.

Subprime is not so prime any longer if you have actually been reading the papers lately. With the housing market still on its back, borrowers with less than extremely credit seem to be in problem. Equated, that means they are not paying their expenses on a prompt basis. This entire big market is called the subprime market. When the economy has something of a decline historically, these borrowers surfaces as individuals who just cannot keep up with their debt payments.

A number of companies who have actually been accommodating them, all of a sudden start to take hits. If you are a company working with a subprime borrower, you have a certain reserve or cushion constructed into your numbers for the analytical variety of people that you think will certainly default. It is becoming progressively obvious in our stock research as stock investors that the subprime companies involved with such borrowers have FRANKLY blown up with their numbers. These companies simply have no concept where their borrowers stand today in their capability to service their debt.

While the root of the cynicism is reasonable, such absolute power is simply not possible. Why? There is no such thing as ‘Big Pharma’. The pharmaceutical industry is in fact composed of hundreds of pharmaceutical companies that include a few giants and numerous small companies wishing to end up being giants. The big pharmaceutical business manages approximately 10 % of the whole market. The top 10 pharmaceutical companies control less than 50 % of the entire market. This means that no person, business or group of companies are so powerful to manage the market.

As a comparison, think about the vehicle industry. The leading ten car manufacturers control about 2/3 of the marketplace. There are a couple of, really powerful car companies. But when the US makers got lazy and failed to produce cars which fulfilled the need of the market, these effective giants were not able to manage the marketplace and force customers to purchase exactly what they were producing. The effective huge car companies were not able to avoid smaller hungry rivals from rushing in to take and fulfill the need market share away. A pharmaceutical giant would have even less ability to regulate the market.

GMAC is in the exact same position as the subprime industry, and that is why in our viewpoint they have actually asked the SEC for a postponed filing authorization. They are literally attempting to figure out where they stand. Presuming the situation is even worse than what they informed the private equity gamers who acquired a majority of GMAC last year, GM will certainly be accountable depending upon the covenants in the agreement to ante up extra cash to the purchasers.

This is just one more illustration of inefficient management at General Motors. They are a management group that lets things take place to them. They are in a responsive mode rather than being out in front of the troubles attempting to expect, and repair them prior to they get blown out of proportion. At our company, we have actually been observers of the American automotive experience for numerous years. We understand there are Lee Iacocca type people out there that can reverse GM, Ford, and Chrysler. These individuals simply aren’t in the car market anymore.


Social Media – Some Interesting Facts

Alright, so by now, we have established what exactly social media and social media marketing are, what different types of sites they may comprehend, how they can contribute to your business, and why they may well be the most important marketing tool for you. And, if you’re hooked on the idea, then it is time to consult with a professional social media company to make this dream a reality.

Alright, so by now, with the help from a professional social media company, we have put in place what exactly social media and social media marketing are, what different types of sites they may embrace, how they can contribute to your business, and why they may well be the most important marketing tool for you. And, if you’re hooked on the idea, then it is time to consult with a professional social media company to make this dream a reality.

While you may not know this exactly, and while a professional social media company can help you pinpoint the best opportunity for your enterprise, having a preliminary idea may help the creative process.

All of these are possibilities, and while all of them can be beneficial to your business, each one of them requires a different approach and method.

Here’s A Few More Ideas

One of the great benefits of social media is that it enables you to present a truly personalized image of your business. In this regard, it gives you the opportunity to develop a personal connection with your customer base while during the same time standing out from the competition. We all know how important branding is. Entire corporations have been built on the idea of branding. Social media marketing presents your business with an unique opportunity to expand your company’s brand exposure. Even if you’re just starting out with your business, it is possible to move it to the summit with social media marketing.

Now that we have already discussed and understood what social media is, it ’s time to find out what social media marketing is all about. Social media marketing involves putting up connections and using these connections for people to know your brand better. When setting up the social media marketing of your business or brand, you’ve always to be prepared for positive and negative criticisms. Always be ready and available in helping out the concerns of your customers. Remember that you’re using social media, this will help you contact and learn to know your buyers in a personal level. Social media marketing helps in letting your customers be aware of your products, brands and services. You will also learn new ideas and know the “wants ” and “needs ” of your buyers.

Through social media marketing you can help in the preparation and improving your business through a low cost marketing tool. Use this as a means in establishing good relations with your customer. Always provide them with new information about your goods and at the same time, be honest and open in answering their questions. It is likewise important that you work hand in hand with them. Collaboration with your customers will give them a feeling of relationship and they’ll feel that they’re some of the company. Most importantly, provide entertainment to your customers. Social media is a very good form of entertainment. You can put up interesting videos, mini games and images. Social media is an effective way for your business, whether small or big to flourish and when applied properly, it can help boost your business to the other level.

In the event that you’re not sure to where to begin with your social media marketing campaign, working with an experienced company can help you to take off to the right start.

If you know exactly what you want, then let us get started today. And, if you still are not sure, contact a professional social media company, and they can work together to discovery possibilities that’ll take your business to the other level.


The Brilliance Behind Cloud Computing

When you wish to give your business or company the large internet appeal without having the large internet company behind you, then you gotta go to cloud computing class. Cloud computing allows you to rent applications and pay as you go. Therefore, you only be paid for the resources that you use. This gives you unlimited resources to use in addition, you can use them at your discretion. Applications are used which are opened through an internet browser and then stored on the web’s server for easy use. Although this computing system is complicated, with a good cloud computing education, you’ll be able to get started up quickly and easily.

More and more internet companies are seeing the value of online cloud computing and understand that this system of technology is the future. That is why these companies are donating thousands and millions of dollars to programs all throughout the world to start methodical classes in Cloud computing. Such classes can be found online or in great institutions with a computer science program. Classes are open to everyone with the will to learn about this incredible internet business tool.

A Cloud computing education is absolutely essential during these new technological times, especially in business. Students who’re currently studying computer science may find an excellent cloud computing course at their current institution. Working in class the traditional way may be more convenient for you or you may find it easier listening to your teacher’s voice and knowing that he is there in front of you. However, there are many other students who prefer online computation classes. Such classes may be more convenient for your schedule since you’ll not have to be compromised to a particular schedule. You will likewise have the luxury of learning anywhere you want from internet classes. So if you’ve got a complicated schedule or just no time to commute, then you may wish to consider a cloud computing class online and if not, you can still learn the traditional way, in the classroom.

Such cloud computing education courses can be made in classrooms or online. Learning in a classroom may be splendid for social interaction and the security of being able to directly speak with your teacher. However, through out the hectic lifestyles that we lead, taking the time out to commute to classes may be uncomfortable or even impossible. This is why there are a number of classes for internet savvy students who can get a course in cloud computing to satisfy their desire in learning this new information.

But, What About…

There are various components which help to structure a course in cloud computing. Such application that are used in courses may include Utility computing, software as a service, platform as a service, service commerce, web services, managed service providers and internet integration. These applications are provided by cloud computing online and can be achieved through your internet browser with the information being directly stored into your internet’s server.

You may be surprised to hear that cloud computing can be confused with other courses that you may have read descriptions of or participated in. For those of you who’re interested in this topic, you shouldn’t confuse this new internet concept with those of grid computing, utility computing, or autonomic computing which may seem similar in appearance but are completely different.

There are many online courses that you can take part in which will fully teach the ins and outs of cloud computing, including general computing concepts related to cloud computing. These courses are ideal for internet technicians and students earning a degree in any kind of computer related field. Cloud computing courses are also recommended for business students because this is an ideal computer technology that can contribute to your business to expand without the necessary costs that are often associated with typical IT investments.

Every cloud computing course differs. Your understanding of the themes may vary according to your experience in IT related fields and in the nature of atmosphere where you’re learning. Some courses are offered over a couple days while others are offered once a week, like seminars. The best part of cloud computing courses is your hands on experience with testing out your new computer skills in the labs set up for cloud testing. You can check online or at your university to see what is open to you in the area of cloud computer courses, for more information about such computer science courses. Fulfill your cloud computing education today.

Those of you who’re not quite familiar with this kind of computation system may wish to learn a bit more about what it is before enrolling in a cloud computing class. Cloud computing is a standardized IT program that offers its users the ability to rent internet services such as software, IT infrastructures, and other services, by a reputable service provider. You are then able to access the rented services through any computer online and has the ability to change services when demands are needed. This program can either be rented out or paid for by an advertising basis.

There is no need to avoid cloud computing classes any longer. With a background knowledge in computing systems you’ll be able to change every aspect of your business. If you’re not at the head of IT solutions in your company, you should make sure that your IT is. You should already be learning about the importance of cloud computing classes, as a student.


Mobile Banking Methods

To succeed in the contemporary business world, especially for companies with online presence, it is essential to have a strong customer base and relationship. Company owners need to use every viable opportunity for success possible with competition being tough.

Customers with issues and problems can contact the company. American Express Company provides customer service 24 hours each day and seven days a week which is ideal for members with questions or issues that come up.  Online bill pay is another terrific opportunity appreciated by users.

Although people hear how great the Standard Chartered Breeze mobile banking solution is, most would you like to know the details. It is important to realize that the visionaries behind this application take a different approach when it came to developing new products and services, for starters. IT experts with Standard Chartered Bank have always avoided trends and cookie-cutter solutions.

Mobile Banking Conundrum

Recently, a new mobile banking platform called Standard Chartered Breeze was launched. In beta tests occurring in Singapore and Malaysia, the findings have surpassed even the highest hope. This mobile banking platform runs on Apple’s iPhone and in September of 2010, it will be provided for use with the Apple iPad. Customers would have even more convenience and a free choice with this.

One of the latest and most impressive developments from Standard Chartered Bank is a new and innovative type of mobile banking platform. With online and mobile banking being at the upper part of the list for what customers want, companies in the world have an incredible opportunity of using the Chartered Breeze system. This makes it possible for them to give their customers with far better but also more accurate service.

Along with monitoring account activity, with Standard Chartered Breeze, bank customers also have the capability to track and move. People have a convenient but also easy and safe way of looking at financial information in real time with this. With the iPhone, rather than wait to search for a computer, people can simply log onto the bank’s website and within minutes, have full access to their accounts. Now, while numerous features have been constructed into the Breeze mobile banking platform, one that most people find to be the most important thing is the added security measure.

These features are just two that Standard Chartered Bank offers on the Chartered Breeze mobile banking platform. This bank has always approached the banking and financial industry different from other banks. This is evident in the different products and services, but likewise the innovative features being offered on the Standard Chartered Breeze mobile banking platform.

When looking at mobile banking solutions offered through other banks, it is common to see that features plateau, even as the type of features may be very different. However, with Breeze, conventional and revolutionary features have been taken to the next step, for the better. As a result, personal and business customers of Standard Chartered Bank enjoy a much richer experience overall, whether using online or Breeze mobile banking services.

Using this password along with the conventional user name and password, accounts can be accessed. However, once the temporary password has been used, it immediately becomes void.

Having customers who’re frustrated, feel disrespected, or believe they possess no value won’t stay around. Before long, the company that once had a solid customer base is confronted with the decision of struggling to maintain the company open or closing the doors. This one feature of Chartered Breeze eliminates this issue with the result being happy customers. The E-Cheques or E-Checks mobile banking feature of Breeze is only one of many incredible offerings designed specifically with the customer in mind, of course.


Blackberry Plan

There’s a big difference when you compare the quality of the monitor lawyers and low-quality one. One type of screen protector that can be employed with a clear pattern film. These defenders appear in the general and cut. If you buy a universal LCD screen protector, you can keep money, but you’ve got to do a little work to cut the film. The nice thing about the film is that it is quite clear. Once you have it, it’s just there was nothing there at all.

The EnterMo case has a clear screen that goes over the BlackBerry smartphone’s screen. The stylus is attached via a tether and fits into a slot on to on the reverse side of the holster. The user can use the stylus to sign the screen. The signature is captured.

Are There Any Blackberry Secrets?

Despite this, if you have an old cell phone or Blackberry, possibly, the most recent model, you’ll still find a specific product that you’ve got to have to be in a position to protect your phone. This screen protector Blackberry and body. Blackberry provides you with PDA-like organizational and planning tools. These ubiquitous in the business world have this capability. However, the new models to emphasize the bigger the crowd, including multimedia and social networking applications.

The first thing you need to be aware that there are many variants of protective film on the market, this article will talk about only three types of Blackberry Cell Phone Protectors. You are going to find out about each of the three different types of film, each subject will be talking about one defender at the same time. Points are going to fill a lot of things. However, most importantly it is going to meet the advantages and disadvantages that came with having a protective film on your phone.

Since most people are dependent on their Blackberry phones to conduct their business in order to connect with their friends, it’s very important to choose the appropriate safety equipment, such as the Blackberry screen protector plus case. You must have a scheme to buy a BlackBerry. Then you may like to know that there are actually many different types of phones BlackBerry. It is important that you’re watching them all, make sure that you have the perfect phone for you.

For all of you customers BlackBerry, which don’t have adequate protection for your Smartphone, use BlackBerry Screen Protector and blackberry case on the market. Buying expensive Smartphone require care and maintenance, so that they’re safe, reliable, and make it work for a very long time. Blackberry Screen Protectors and a case can keep your mobile safe. All of them are proven and used to its highest level.

With the Blackberry phone not only offers you a good sense of class and style. You could make it more intelligent Protecting your phone with Blackberry screen protectors and other accessories that can maintain the safety devices. You can improve things with some cool accessories that are offered in the market.

Cheaper quality Protective can just get the problem, especially with the hypersensitive gadgets like the Blackberry. These questions may be signs of brightness or they leave after removal. So these things should also be taken into account before you decide to have a screen protector. Another important aspect to be noted that the screen protector isn’t a problem when you’re performing duties on a Blackberry. Screens shouldn’t reduce the rate of responsiveness of the display Blackberry.

CaseBuzz has captured web world as one of the world largest online market place for Blackberry Screen Protector. CaseBuzz with its head office located in Florida, USA is a leading provider of ecommerce and interactive online marketing services In Blackberry Cell Phone Protectors.


Ricardian Economics Trending

Distribution is an important division of economics. The theory of distribution deals with the distribution of the national income of the country among the various factors of production. The total volume of goods and services produced in a given country during a given time, say a year, may be roughly called its national income. National income is the product of the cooperation of the factors of production namely land, capital, organization, and labor. Since the factors of production are scarce, we are required to pay a price for them. Rent is the reward for land; wages are the reward for labor; interest is the price we pay for capital and profits are the reward for organization. In other words, we study in distribution how the national income is shared among the various factors of production. It should be borne in mind that the theory of distribution doesn’t deal here with the problem of personal distribution, I.e., how the income of each person is determined. It deals with functional distribution, I.e., how the income of each factor is determined. In the past, economists regarded the problem of production of wealth as the most important business of economies. Now the problem of distribution occupies a prominent place in economic discussions.

The Marginal Productivity Theory is the general theory of distribution. The theory explains how the prices of the various factors of production would be determined in conditions of perfect competition and full employment.

The price of any factor will be equal to the value of its marginal product according to the Marginal Productivity Theory. We know that a consumer will demand a commodity up to the time at which its marginal utility is proportionate to the price he pays for it, for example. Similarly, a house will go on employing more and more units of a factor until the price of the factor is equal to the value of the marginal product. In other words, each factor is rewarded according to its marginal productivity. The marginal productivity is equal to the value of the extra product. These an employer gets when he employs an additional unit of that factor, the offer of all other factors remaining constant.

In theory at least, all units of a factor are uniform and are interchangeable. So the productivity of the marginal unit of a factor determines the rate that is to be given to all units of the factor. The employer adopts what is called the principle of substitution and combines land, labor and capital so that the cost of production is minimal. Then the reward for each element is determined by its marginal productivity. The Marginal Productivity theory of distribution has been used to account for the determination of rent, wages, profits, and interest. That is why, it is known as the general theory of distribution.

All units of a factor are homogeneous. It means that one unit is equal to the other unit in all respects.

One factor of production can be substituted for another. In other words, all factors are interchangeable.

The theory is built on the Law of Diminishing Returns as applicable to a business organization. In consumption, the Law of Diminishing Utility tells us that marginal utility diminishes for every rise in the stock of a good. Similarly, the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns tells that if you go on employing more and more units of a factor, say labor, its marginal productivity will diminish. So an employer, when once he comes to know that the sum of a certain factor is resulting in diminishing returns, he’ll substitute it by some other factor. Thereby, he’ll try to help reduce the cost of production.

The ‘tax handle’ theory offers a sweeping historical explanation of tax structure change. It argues that low-income economies are obliged to collect revenue from easy-to-administer taxes (or tax handles), but that this administrative constraint lessens as countries develop and become able to choose ‘better’ taxes as determined by the normative objectives discussed above. Measures of tax handles typically include per trade taxes, capita income, and the number of people living in urban areas (Liebaman, 2003).

The optimal tax theory, the reigning normative approach to taxation combines the set of available taxes to the government, information on a nation’s economic structure, and aims of tax policy to make recommendations on tax mix, structure and incidence (see Slemrod, 1990; Burgess and Stern, 1993). Optimal taxes are those that raise a desired amount of revenue with the lowest marginal efficient cost, with few distortions and that support the desired amount of wealth. While optimal tax theory tackles the trade off of different taxes, it doesn’t explain the architecture of government revenues.

The Marginal productivity Theory has been criticized on many grounds. The following are some of the questions or criticism.

Every product is a common product and its value cannot be separately attributed to either capital, or labor or land. It is near impossible to assess the specific product of each and every one of the factors. The problem becomes more complex once we have to measure the ‘productivity’ of certain types of labor that render services (Example: doctors, teachers and actors). If, for instance, some labor is involved in the production of some commodity, then there is a certain scope for quantitative measurement. But with regard to the people who render services, the problem of determination of their reward becomes rather a difficult one.

The theory takes into account that the factors operating on the edge of demand and ignores the influences acting on the part of supply. It tells that a factor is demanded, as it is productive and it’s paid pursuant to its marginal productivity. But this cannot be the case always. There are many cases where a factor of production has to be paid much more than its normal price because of the scarcity of the factor with respect to the demand for it.

The theory assumes perfect competition and full employment. But in the real world, ‘imperfect competition is the rule”. There is no perfect competition.

Lastly, the theory doesn’t carry with it any ethical justification. If the theory is accepted, it means that factors get the value of what they produce. Suppose wages are low in a firm. The employer may say wages are low because productivity is low. But the real cause of low wages might be the operation of labor by the employer. Hence the theory shouldn’t be applied to substantiate the present system of distribution.


Discussion Of Iphone

If you are subscribed to Cingular (now AT&T) and in the market for a new phone, or just simply wish to buy the iPhone because it’s the latest new gadget to hit the streets-you may wish to think twice before making that decision. I’ll say right away that I, myself, don’t own an iPhone. However, this article is aimed at those are struck between whether or not to purchase one in the immediate future. This article is for you because I am in the same boat.

There are a number of things you should consider before you choose to purchase the iPhone at this point in time. I have been in the market for technology related products for quite some time and I would like to pay those who’re not exactly well-versed in today’s technology some advice on your decision. There are a number of things you should consider before purchasing the iPhone, as it can only be the best purchase to make at this point in time.

Really, it makes sense.

One of the biggest issues is cost. If budget is of no concern to you, then you can skip this paragraph. If price is one of the major concerns in your decision-making, however, just to bear in mind that the iPhone is currently $499 for a 4GB model and $599 for an 8GB model. There is an extremely good chance that this high price for a cell phone will drop in a matter of months or more. The iPhone will probably decrease in price if you wait a couple of months maybe even a year before your purchase, as with most every other product in the tech market. If anything, Apple may release a much better, upgraded version with more memory for the exact same price. This is the usual trend with most Apple products, so if you’ve got the patience and have no immediate need for the iPhone at this point in time, wait it out.

Continuing In This Direction..

Also, when you purchase an iPhone, you are required to sign a new 2-year contract as well as a special iPhone Data Plan. The iPhone is also exclusive to Cingular/AT&T, so… if you do not have them as your provider and you want the iPhone, you’ll have to switch carriers and most likely pay an early termination fee (~$175). There are various other fees involved including taxes, activation fees, and so on. It’s the usual situation with most new cell phone and contract plans. However, it can become a large turn off for some people.

AT&T, which is Apple’s exclusive iPhone sales partner in the US, has slashed the price of the new 3G iPhone by $200 for customers who also sign a two-year contract. This brings it’s price down to $199 for the black 8GB iPhone, and $299 for the black or white 16GB iPhone.

Last, but not least, it’s always good to wait a couple of months before buying the latest and greatest gadget. Already there have been reports of issues dealing with the iPhone ranging from hacking, interference issues (this one was fixed), and various other bugs. This is normal and expected for a complex gadget like the iPhone with so much technology built into it. For you, the purchaser, though, it may mean waiting a while until they have all the kinks worked out. You’ll spend much less time trying to fix it if you leave the guys at Apple do it for you.

So, that was just a few points I wanted to make about purchasing the iPhone. It’s completely up to you whether or not you wish to go ahead and make the purchase now or later. Just keep in mind these particular flaws, as there are others I did not point out that can be obtained all over the web. Do your research first and then decide. It may seem like I’m bashing the iPhone for all its flaws. However, really what I’m doing is making sure those who choose to get the iPhone make an educated purchase. You’ll be happy you did, and I’ll am happy that you read this, because you’re now more informed.