8 Best Packing Tips for a Stress-free Flight

Flying can be stress-free

Fly with confidence when you follow these 8 simple tips

Make a Packing List

You’ll have more piece of mind if you keep a checklist of what you are packing. It will eliminate any worries about having left anything behind.  Once you’ve packed and zipped up your baggage, you can be confident of what’s inside, without having to open them and rummage through to check for an item.

Mark Your Checked Luggage!

There are so many luggage sets of the same or similar color, so it’s a great idea to mark yours in some distinctive way so that it will stand out and be easier to identify picking out from the luggage carousel. Mark your luggage with a colored strip of tape, stickers, or tied shoelaces or ribbon so it is easily recognizable.

Be aware that some airlines are cracking down on “smart luggage” that uses GPS technology, as the lithium-ion batteries it uses can be a fire hazard. Although there have not been any reported cases of fires caused by lithium batteries from these equipped suitcases, airlines are concerned about their safety. “Smart luggage’ includes an I.D. “chip” that stores the owner’s personal contact information, flight info and enables tracking the luggage using GPS technology, amongst other features.

Rolling Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes seems to be the best way to go to maximize the amount of clothing you can pack. Done properly, it will also minimize wrinkles. Rolling can be a little difficult for bulky puffy items like vests, coats, and sweaters, so you may have to fold these items flat.

Follow the 3-1-1 Rule

All liquids brought on to the plane in your handbag and/or carry-on luggage must fit in a 3.4 oz bottle, inside a clear quart-size sealable bag. Mascara, lip gloss, toothpaste and aerosol items are all classified as gels. Foods such as peanut butter, pudding and icing also fall into this category, however liquid prescription medication is exempt. Failure to follow this simple rule will cost you holding up the line plus having your items confiscated.

Your Carry-on Bag

Many of us bring gifts when we travel. While wrapping them is allowed, it’s not encouraged. Airport personnel may unwrap them if they need to check what you’re carrying. Make your life easier by packing all your liquids and gels in your checked luggage. This includes bottles of wine, liquor or beer, so long as you are within your allowed personal limits. Otherwise, you must conform to the 3-1-1 rule as outlined above. It’s good to include at least one extra change of clothes, in the event your checked bag is delayed.

Never Check Essential Items

Always keep your most important and essential items with you in your carry-on luggage.  Your passport, id, jewelry, electronics, meds, and any other valuable items should always be kept with you on the plane.  Airlines work hard to keep all checked luggage ending up in the right location, but we all know someone who has had their luggage delayed or even lost completely!

Think Layers

Often, we are traveling from one climate to another and dressing in layers makes it easy to remove or add as needed for temperature changes.  You will want to wear stylish and yet comfortable clothes that allow for extended sitting and stretching on your flight. Packing in layers also makes it easier for your bag to be scanned by airport security and keeps you moving along to your destination quickly.

Your Personal Item Allowance

Airlines usually allow one personal item, and one carry-on bag to be brought on board at no charge. Don’t waste your personal item on a small purse. Bring a larger bag that you can fit more items in. You can stow it under the seat in front of you and keep anything you need for the flight close and handy.


How Can I Become a More Patient Person?

Would you describe yourself as being a patient person? Most of us do, though our definition of patient varies from person to person. Do you feel you could use some help in this area? Try the following suggestions:

Beware of Instant Gratification

Much of our consumer society is geared towards towards delivering what we want as fast as possible. This can be quite gratifying and it is very easy to start thinking that all of us life should be this way. One way to develop patience is to make yourself wait for things, even when you don’t have to. That way, you will develop the mindset that not everything can or should come your way instantly.

Accept Dissatisfaction

Let’s face it: even if you had all of the money and power in the world, you would still be dissatisfied at times and there would be nothing you could do about it. No one likes being stuck in traffic, but there is usually nothing to be done. Thus, instead of fuming (which accomplishes zero), just settle back and accept the situation. Concentrate your thoughts and energy on something else.

Deep Breaths

This sounds simplistic, but there is a reason that doctors and therapists continually recommend taking deep breaths: they really do help to calm you down. This is also a strategy that you can literally do anywhere at almost any time. It also doesn’t cost you a penny.

Stopping Impatience When It Starts

We’re sure that you know precisely when you are starting to feel impatient. Whether it’s your blood pressure or some other physical sign, one can almost always know when an angry outburst is coming.

This is a good thing because it gives us a chance to stop it before it starts. As soon as you can feel impatience rising, take a step back and recuse yourself from the situation.


Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?

We hear so much about cats and dogs and whether someone is a “cat person” or a “dog person,” you can almost forget that there are other options out there. Another choice is rabbits and an increasing number of people are identifying as a “rabbit person.”

Rabbits can make excellent pets, though you do have to make allowances if you plan on keeping one in your house. They are generally not quite as domesticated as cats and dogs, so rabbits will sometimes try to gnaw and dig, both natural behaviors.

As far other tendencies go, rabbits have much the same appeal to a human companion as a cat or dog. They can be extremely playful, respond to their names, and be trained to use litter boxes. However, some people are surprised to find that rabbits require the same degree of attention and care as their feline and canine counterparts. Children, in particular, must be taught how to properly interact with rabbits as they generally do not like to be held as much as a cat or dog. A scared rabbit may scratch or bite, leading to the mistaken impression that it is feral and unsuitable to be a pet. That can lead to a rabbit being surrendered to a shelter and possibly even euthanized.

Like cats and dogs, rabbits should be neutered to reduce habits like spraying and, yes, rapid reproduction (a rabbit can have a litter every 30 days). Choosing to adopt a rabbit from a shelter, rather than purchasing from a pet store, usually means getting a rabbit that has already been neutered. It is also the more humane thing to do.

If you decide to do go for a pair, it can be challenging as rabbits do not always get along. In general, a male/female pair of neutered bunnies is a fairly safe bet.


Which Pet Loves Us More: Cats or Dogs?

Most everyone has a favourite when it comes to the world’s two most popular pets: you’re a cat person or you’re a dog person. There’s no problem with loving both, but each species has its own unique charms and characteristics that usually cause people to pick a side. Dogs have always had the reputation of being more lovable and loving, while cats are known for being more aloof, but also offering their own form of addictive affection. It seems like science has an answer for most everything and now a neuroscientist may have an answer to the question of whether one is more in love with their humans than the other.

Known as the “love hormone,” oxytocin is a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and regulates such processes as social interaction, sexual reproduction, and bonding. Levels in the body increase dramatically during sex, birth, and breastfeeding.

Science has already determined that when humans and their dogs interact, both release levels of oxytocin. However, this particular test had reportedly never been performed with felines, so a group of dog and cat owners were asked to play with their pet and the animals were then given a saliva test.

The results confirmed that dogs do indeed love their humans as their oxytocin levels increased an average of 57.2 percent. Cats, meanwhile, demonstrated a rise of 12 percent. So it appears that dogs do have a greater affinity for their humans, though those who feel that cats have no affection for people at all will have to alter that stance.

What is your experience? Have you had both cats and dogs in your life? Was one species more affectionate and loving in your estimation? I find it a tough question to answer as both my cats and my dogs have changed my life in wonderful ways.



5 Steps to a Super Clean Fridge

You open your fridge one day and you’re confronted with a disgusting odor, not to mention that you can’t find the jar that you’re looking for. Time to give it a super clean out!

You can get your fridge looking and smelling fantastic in a few quick steps!  Make your fridge the kitchen showpiece it’s meant to be!  All you need is vinegar, baking soda, baby oil, and some microfiber cloths.

  1. The first thing to do is to turn off your fridge and remove all the items inside. This is when you can toss anything that is past its fresh peak, and
  2. Dump the contents of any containers of leftovers, that have started to grow fuzzy things, and are morphing into some unknown shape!
  3. Take out all the shelves and bins. Fill a bathtub with 6 to 8 “ of warm water with ½ cup of baking soda.  Soak everything for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse and dry.
  4. Dissolve 2 tbsp of baking soda in 4 cups of warm water. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe the interior of the fridge. Looking better already, right?
  5. Wipe the exterior of the fridge as well, paying particular attention to the door gasket. Clean the grime buildup between the folds of the door gasket.  Use a cloth wrapped around the blade of a kitchen knife to get in between the layers. Stainless doors get a special treatment with a microfiber cloth spritzed with one part vinegar to 2 parts water. Then, remove the streaks with a little baby oil on another microfiber cloth. Flip the cloth over and polish to a nice shine!

Now don’t wait too long before the next cleaning. Once a month is all it takes to keep your fridge looking and smelling fresh and clean!  No more cringing when your mother-in-law comes to visit. And just think what a pleasure it will be to put your groceries away, plus the next search for that recipe ingredient will be a lot easier. Who knew that a simple fridge clean out could have such an effect!


8-Year-Old ‘Kidpreneur’ Launches Step Stools for Kids

8 year old Canadian “Kidprenuer” has launched his business creating one of a kind step-stools that are nontoxic and sustainable. If you thought that was good, hes donating $10 of each purchase to help the families affected by childhood cancer.

Owen’s company Nice Bench Co, started when he decided to make and paint his little sister a bench. His grandparents and aunts loved the bench so much that it fueled Owen to make more. He built 12 more from scrap wood on Christmas day!

The Nice Bench Co Step Stools - Donates for Childhood Cancer Causes

The wood for the benches at Nice Bench Co comes to them in air-dried rough-hewn planks harvested from a neighbors private sustainable Forrest in Novar, Ontario, Canada.Owen’s dad cuts the planks to size before Owen planes, routers and assembles with a drill, screws and glue. The detail-oriented young CEO then glues wooden plugs to cover each of the screw holes. Each “nice bench”, as Owen calls them, is then sanded and finished with biodegradable, zero VOC milk paint. Canadian manufacturer Homestead House Paint Co. generously donates some of the milk paint for Owen’s kidpreneur enterprise. Owen gives each bench another careful sanding before sealing with Homestead House Paint Co.’s hemp oil or bees wax. The standard color palette was selected by Owen and his mother, who oversees production and quality. Owen’s older brother gives the final look over before signing off.


The Nice Bench Co was launched on Facebook in April 2017, and the first sale was celebrate 20 days later. Since then Owen has run out of wood twice. He has been able to donate $150.00 in gas cards to The Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer (NOFCC), helping to offset travel expenses for Northern families traveling to and from The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

When Owen is asked about his goals for the business, he simply says “I want to be on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and start a charity to help children with cancer”.

Owen’s benches are handmade and a one-of-a-kind 100% Product of Canada.

Childhood cancer research is severely underfunded, with only 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget spent on children’s cancer research in the U.S., and just 3% in Canada. Owen hopes he can help change those stats and bring greater awareness to childhood cancer.




Best Family Hotels of 2017

Every year Family Vacation Critic and TripAdvisor release a list of the best hotels for families in 15 regions across the globe. Each hotel on the their list has met a strict list of family specific criteria and have been highly-rated by family travelers.

In order to become designated a Family Vacation Critic Favorite, hotels had to meet the following criteria:
“Hotel must have been personally vetted and visited by a member of  Family Vacation Critic’s team of hotel experts, and receive either a four- or five-star editorial rating. Hotel must have been recommended by 75% or more of families who have rated the property a four- or five-star review.”

California: West Inn & Suites (Carlsbad, CA)

Florida: Premiere Hotel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Hawaii: Four Seasons Resort Lana’i (Lanai, HI)

hawaii, resort, four seasons, travel, family, vacation
Mid-Atlantic: Casablanca Hotel by Library Hotel Collection (New York, NY)

hotel, nyc, new york, new york city, fun, vacation, hotel, family
Midwest: Black Hawk Motel & Suites (Wisconsin Dells, WI)

New England: The Nantucket Hotel & Resort (Nantucket, MA)

Pacific Northwest: Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach (Cannon Beach, OR)

Rockies: Tivoli Lodge (Vail, CO)

Southeast: The Inn at Christmas Place (Pigeon Forge, TN)

Southwest: The Venetian Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

Canada: The Ritz-Carlton Montreal (Montreal, Canada)

monteral, vacation, ritz-carlton, pretty, hotel
Caribbean: Round Hill Hotel and Villas (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

jamaica, hotel, resort, beach, summer ,fun
Central America: Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort (Costa Rica)

Europe: Dromoland Castle Hotel & Country Estate (County Clare, Ireland)
Mexico: Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

mexico, resort , hotel, beach, vaction

Hotels are not ranked in any particular order and vary in price range.

Bouncing A Cheque Is Painful


When a person loses his job unlawfully or fall victim to medical malpractice and doesn’t have sufficient means to go to the court and strive for his rights, the best and an ideal option left with him is to opt for lawsuit settlement funding.

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Breaking The Poverty Cycle

In the 1960 the working-age poor levels were so high it gave rise to the national war on poverty. The poverty level in the United States is even higher now, according to the 2009 census figures. The recession that hit the United States in the first year President Barack Obama’s presidency is a grim reminder that his stimulus packages aren’t working.

I can teach anyone to become a millionaire. I can teach anyone how to emerge from poverty. The problem is: can we have the poverty out of you? Many of the reasons poverty has persisted so long is in view of the mindset of poverty that pervades so many millions of minds.

More Thoughts About Poverty Cycle

This new report will be coming at an unfortunate time for Obama and his party; they have a few weeks before very important November elections, what is at stake, control of Congress.

The poverty rate increase will be another blow to the struggling Democrats to try and convince voters to prevent them in control of the Senate and House of Representives. The rate of poverty was 13.2 before they had control of both Houses; it’s expected to have increased to about 15.0 Percent.

President Obams has stated,’ The most important anti-poverty effort is growing the economy and making sure there’s enough jobs out here. ‘ He said he is committed to assist the poor to bring about a middle-class status. He said,’ If we can grow the economy faster and create more jobs, they everybody is swept up into that virtuous cycle. ‘ It all sounds wonderful but what’s he doing about? Everyone knows if you got more jobs to offer people and the people are working, there’ll be less poverty.

The six demographers, who were interviewed, said they closely tracked poverty trends and found in the 2009 consensus figures an increase in poverty rate. The new poverty range is anywhere from 14.7 To 15 percent. If these estimates are true, it means that 1 in 7 people in the United States are poor. That would be the highest single year increase since 1959, when the government began to calculate poverty figures.

Now, the relationship between the fear of poverty and the fear of abundance begins with complacency. We must end one myth now before taking a deeper probe into this matter. There is a myth that there’s people who wish to live in poverty. No one wants to live in poverty. Poverty means you’ve got no power to increase, very limited options, and no assets. When one lives in poverty, one struggles and has limited options.

Moreover, poverty means your basic needs are at threat, limited, or diminished. Even those who take a vow of poverty for religious or spiritual purposes have their basic needs met and therefore aren’t truly living in poverty.

The politicians’ will say they’re sadden by this new data but will again do nothing. That in itself is SAD.

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It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Save

You might think it is a pity that you cannot take a class called Save A Relationship 101 in college. You can take math classes, physics classes, literature classes – you can get a class on virtually everything under the sun!

A class on how to save a relationship or relationships in general, however, is anything that might help everyone and is open to no one. Fortunately, you already have the skills to save your relationship and make it better without needing a class. All you DO need is a desire to work at it. To learn insightful hints about personal savings, visit the following url; cash in Waterloo until next payday.

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What Is Going On In Canada

The Canadian dream beckons. Employment Canada offers job seekers and migrant workers alike the promise of an improved life and better future for you and your family. If you have a high desire to work Canada, go for it and you will never fail. Work your dream and you will reach it.

Hundreds of thousands of overseas job seekers in the world are aspiring to work in foreign lands. The reasons in seeking employment abroad, of course, vary only slightly. The most common reason for gaining employment in foreign countries is primarily economic. Some of these job hopefuls, not only seek employment but also permanent residency. The Canadian dream is what they’re looking for in establishing permanent employment if chances arise. A paid and permanent employment in Canada is the ultimate aim of many foreign workers. And Canada is the ultimate country that has liberal immigration laws concerning foreign skilled workers.

To work Canada, one has more chance of finding gainful employment that he has been aiming for. The country offers some of the finest labor standards that safeguard the rights of temporary and migrant foreign workers. Foreign workers in Canada need not fear of getting laid off indiscriminately by their employers as there is a well-defined federal or provincial labor law that govern it. If you think you need to translate your whole family with you once you find an employer, you can speak to your employer straight up and bring the question to them. Chances are, they’re very willing to assist you on that aspect, most especially if your skill or skills are highly in demand in the industry.

Heading Down The Canada Economy Rabbit Hole

The labor demand in Canada has been consistently high as its economy is continuously expanding. The local labor market isn’t able to respond to that demand so they look beyond their borders to hire foreign workers. The unemployment rate south of the boundary is growing but Canadian companies prefer nationalities who’re dependable, highly skilled and generally industrious. If you seek permanent employment Canada, you need to get highly skilled in areas such as medicine and health, engineering, education, and information technology.

The job market in Canada for overseas workers is as huge as its geographical area. Although almost all sectors in the Canadian economy are open for non-native job seekers, jobs in the medical and the hospitality sectors are in high demand. One reason why the medical sector demands more and more health-related professionals and workers is that the Canadian population is aging and the population growth is slow. The aging population demands highly-skilled health workers and professionals such as registered nurses, caregivers, physical therapists, social workers, psychologists, among others. Your chances are high to work Canada if you’re one of them.

The job opportunities in Canada are so diverse and huge. Any prospective foreign applicant may find a suitable job that fits his or her talent and skills. Don’t despair if your initial application gets rejected. Perhaps it is because you do not qualify in other qualifications that they set for. The average pay rate in Canada is very competitive which is similar to some Western European countries. To work Canada may brighten your family’s future.

Getting a permanent employment Canada isn’t at all difficult. First and foremost, you need to dispose of the necessary skill or skills that the Canada economy wants. Canada wants workers whose skills can help their economy to advance some more if not sustain its growth. You may visit the best to get to be aware of the country’s labor legislation and other pertinent information you ought to know about Canada. You may also wish to visit sites where you can get jobs and work Canada.