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Home Remedies for Gum Pain

In Health
On 10/05/2013
Painful, swollen and bleeding gums are becoming highly common even in hygienic societies. A known fact is that the most common cause of gum diseases is unhygienic oral conditions and mouth ulcers. Improper and vigorous brushing of teeth and inappropriate flossing are the major causes. Other causes of gum pain include infections such as gingivitis, […]

Am I Over Weight?

On 09/08/2013

According to medical research, 80% of the healthy individuals consider themselves overweight, obese or the more common term fat. How to know whether you are really fat or just fussing about nothing? T

Not a single luxury is a luxury if you do not maintain good health. Whoever said it, said it right; indeed Health Is Wealth. Many a times, we fail to notice very obvious symptoms of diminishing well being; these symptoms come into our knowledge only when a serious disease has implanted its seed in our […]
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