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As excitement for your fast-approaching departure date rises, a review of these great travel tips will ensure it is a stress-free time. Make your next travel adventure stress-free with a little planning. Make a list – Before you travel make a list of all the things you don’t want to forget. If you don’t write […]
It has been truly shocking and unnerving watching so many men in positions of power, crumbling—their careers literally destroyed in an instant due to sexual misconduct allegations. The claims of harassment are coming forth by the hour around the globe. Ontario’s provincial Progressive Conservative party leader, Patrick Brown was forced to resign suddenly overnight, after […]
Robots will take over most of these jobs within 30 years, experts warn. If you are doing any of the following jobs, you are in danger of surrendering it to a robot, since somewhere in the world; they are already doing your job! Stockroom worker A robot stockroom worker can easily outperform a human worker […]


On 07/02/2014

Articulated robots have rotary joints. A rotary joint is a connection between 2 objects. The connection allows both objects, even though each connects to another item, the capability to have or rotate

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