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Chérèque calls to “accelerate reforms”


While unemployment is now close to 3 million, the secretary general of the CFDT, Francois Chérèque, calls on the government and the social partners to “accelerate reforms.”

To save businesses and jobs, “the government must accelerate reforms and also the social partners. We need to start trading on the labor market as quickly as possible to conclude at the earliest, “he said in an interview with Journal du Dimanche . “We do not need a year to negotiate agreements in employment protection, which allow the economic and employment protection.  The situation is too serious to wait, he adds, noting that it could not satisfy the government’s timetable. Chérèque defends the lower cost of labor in July, Prime Minister Jean -Marc Ayrault, set the deadline of the negotiations on securing employment at the end of the first quarter of 2013, but this week he urged the social partners “to accelerate the pace.”

For François Chérèque, “the economic situation is bad because France is not adapted to the challenges of globalization. But “part of the political and trade union refuses to see,” he says. “We must work on a transformation of our economy that will be respectful to the environment.” He also agreed that the too high labor cost in France by the employers “is a loss factor of competitiveness” and recommends the fall “by transferring a portion of the expenses of the CSG, without touching the purchasing power.” Chérèque is asking the government to “accelerate the implementation of the High Council for the financing of social protection.” The leader of CFDT warned against a possible failure of the negotiations: “If nothing is done, if employees see no future and justice beyond the rigor, the reactions will necessarily be negative. Yes, there is a risk of social unrest companies located in or close in some neighborhoods, “he warns.

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