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Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?


We hear so much about cats and dogs and whether someone is a “cat person” or a “dog person,” you can almost forget that there are other options out there. Another choice is rabbits and an increasing number of people are identifying as a “rabbit person.”

Rabbits can make excellent pets, though you do have to make allowances if you plan on keeping one in your house. They are generally not quite as domesticated as cats and dogs, so rabbits will sometimes try to gnaw and dig, both natural behaviors.

As far other tendencies go, rabbits have much the same appeal to a human companion as a cat or dog. They can be extremely playful, respond to their names, and be trained to use litter boxes. However, some people are surprised to find that rabbits require the same degree of attention and care as their feline and canine counterparts. Children, in particular, must be taught how to properly interact with rabbits as they generally do not like to be held as much as a cat or dog. A scared rabbit may scratch or bite, leading to the mistaken impression that it is feral and unsuitable to be a pet. That can lead to a rabbit being surrendered to a shelter and possibly even euthanized.

Like cats and dogs, rabbits should be neutered to reduce habits like spraying and, yes, rapid reproduction (a rabbit can have a litter every 30 days). Choosing to adopt a rabbit from a shelter, rather than purchasing from a pet store, usually means getting a rabbit that has already been neutered. It is also the more humane thing to do.

If you decide to do go for a pair, it can be challenging as rabbits do not always get along. In general, a male/female pair of neutered bunnies is a fairly safe bet.

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