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Do You Have a Drinking Problem?


Do you enjoy a drink or two after work? Do you look forward to the weekend because it means you can get rip roaring drunk? There has been much debate over the years about what constitutes too much alcohol. Is it the quantity you drink? The frequency you drink? Both?

There is no clear answer to those questions, but here are some signs that it might be time for you to cut back on your consumption:

Drinking to Relax

There’s nothing wrong with taking an occasional nip to calm down. However, if you are at a point where alcohol is the only thing that will provide you with a sense of relaxation, then it’s time to re-examine your lifestyle.

Hiding Your Drinking

Have you been criticized to the point where you feel it necessary to hide your drinking? This almost certainly means that people believe you are overdoing it and, chances are, you probably do need to cut back.

Blacking Out

It is not unusual for someone to become sleepy and hit the sack after drinking, but if you just plain black out, and then can’t remember what happened, this is a bad sign.

Experiencing Withdrawal

Does your body and/or mind experience issues when you are not drinking? This is an indication that your body has developed an actual need for the alcohol because it is so used to it being in your system. If you find yourself trying to cut back, but are unable, that is also problematic.

Relationship Problems

Has your drinking compromised the quality of the relationships you enjoy with friends, loved ones, and work colleagues?

Increased Intake

Do you find that you can drink increasingly more than you used to? That is also a sign that your body is growing too accustomed to the intoxication.

If you are displaying any of these signs, it is time for you to talk to a professional about how you can overcome this habit.


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