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Fitness, Health, Longevity and You


What lengths would you go to ensure that you live a long and healthy life? Would you be willing to change your lifestyle and some of your daily routines to learn new skills?

Most people would choose to do anything it takes to stay healthy for as long as possible as they age and live as long as they possibly could. But there are always those that have good intentions but will resist change.

We develop habits that fit with our daily routines. Some of us sleep as long as we possibly can, and then rush through the morning to get where we need to be on time. Sometimes small changes, like getting up a little earlier each morning, even 15 minutes will alleviate some of the morning stress.

Often people will develop poor eating habits, not taking time to prepare a healthy snack or lunch, and eating on the run. No wonder many of us have digestive problems and struggle with excess weight.

It would be helpful to sit down and make a list of the three top things you value in life and your top goals. What will it take to make it happen?


Obviously adding fitness into your life is paramount to staying fit and healthy. Our bodies want to be in shape and in alignment. Running is not for everyone, but you can add some good cardio workouts at a gym, taking an aqua-fit class or using hand weights. You can complement your workouts with some stretching and yoga.


Everyone knows it’s important to get enough sleep on a regular basis. We all know the result of poor sleep: poor concentration, moodiness, irritability, weight gain and stress. A good night’s sleep is key for athletic performance. Longer sleep improves speed, accuracy, and mental wellbeing. So make sure you get a minimum of 7 hours in every night if you are older than 18. Everyone knows teenagers, school-aged kids and toddlers and infants need more.

Daily Walking

Everyone should be going for at least a 30-minute walk at least once a day for optimal health. Ideally you should try and get this walk in first thing in the morning, before your break your fast. So, no breakfast, tea or coffee, just hit the roadway, path, sidewalk, or treadmill. If you take public transit in the morning to get to work, leave your home at least 30 minutes earlier, so you can get a walk in. Follow with the hot/cold shower.

Hot/Cold Showers

Did you know that you can boost your energy and relieve stress just by taking hot and cold showers? There are many health benefits associated with cold showers, like improved circulation, boosted immune system, and stress reduction. When the body is subjected to cold temperatures, circulation is directed toward internal organs. When you follow with hot water, the flow of circulation goes outward towards the skin. When you alternate between hot and cold water, the circulation moves in and out like an accordion. This unblocks any detoxification and moves nutrients around your all parts of your body. You should always begin with hot, and end with cold.

Good Nutrition

Our bodies need fuel, the right kind of foods to fuel our brains and our bodies. You need to ensure you are consuming adequate amounts of nutrients and proteins, whether from animal sources or plants. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. What does a healthy, balanced diet look like?

  • Eats lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Choose whole grains foods often.
  • Eat a variety of food for protein.
  • Avoid highly-processed foods.
  • Avoid sugary drinks.
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