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Five Unique Travel Destinations for Sun-Seekers


It’s been a chilly start to 2018 with temperatures as low as -40c with the wind chill factor in many parts of Ontario. This cold weather also has a grip on much of the eastern regions of Canada and the US. Even in Florida, iguanas are falling from the trees due to the cold temperatures. The Calgary zoo has moved the penguins inside to keep them warm.

Many will be dreaming of travel to warmer destinations, but how far south does one have to go to be guaranteed good weather? Let’s take a look at some affordable sunny destinations.

Baja California, Mexico

Driving along the Baja coast of California

The world’s second longest peninsula and a hop and a skip over to Tijuana, Mexico. A fantastic road trip with great street food along the way. They say that the best deals are the churros, crispy tubes of donut-like deliciousness with your choice of custard or chocolate filled for you as you wait. And the place to have those Baja fish tacos on so many restaurant menus is right in Baja!


Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River

Home to some unique landscapes and one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Grand Canyon, Arizona is made for road trips. You can follow the famous Route 66 to Flagstaff, experience Monument Valley and explore American Indian history.


Markets and architecture not to be missed in Morocco.

If you love exploring open-air markets, free art exhibitions, and music festivals, wandering through old city fortifications, and picturesque harbors, all at an affordable price, then Morocco, the gateway to Africa is for you. Check out the sandy beaches of Essaouira, where you might catch camels plodding up and down the surf. Cheap eats can be found along the streets.


A resort in Curacao

Curacao is an aquatic lovers’ paradise. Not to mention the tropical flora and fauna that abound. With its’ picture-perfect beaches, turquoise waters, Dutch colonial buildings, and underwater playgrounds, it’s a destination not too miss. It has been ranked as the #1 best affordable destination in the Caribbean.


Havana, Cuba

Cuba has been a popular destination for many seeking a few days in the sun. There is no shortage of white sandy beaches with turquoise waters to while away the day and de-stress. The island is also steeped in history, with places like Bayamo, which was founded in 1513 by Spanish conquistadors. You can tour this city in a horse-drawn carriage. And then there is Havana, the island’s capital city. For many years, it was the center of trade for the old and new worlds.

There are truly many places in the world that we can travel to that are closer to the equator, and guarantee us the right amount of sunshine, when we are ready to get away from our colder climates. The amount of time you can devote to your travel escape and your budget will certainly dictate what your destination will be.

Along with the obvious health benefits of heading to a warmer destination, one that also serves up an interesting culture with great foods and customs is a great experience.


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