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Great Ways to Explore your Creativity in 2018

Time to reset your creativity

Make Soup

That’s what I did. I made a new soup for lunch today when I hit a creative wall. I also went for a long walk in the woods, on this beautiful day in January, only the second week of the new year, 2018. A balmy -4c, unlike the -30c days we’ve been having. These are some of the things they recommend you do when you can’t seem to move ahead in any one direction. Don’t dwell on it, they say, divert your attention on other things.

But wait you say, I don’t cook much, and I’m not fond of soup. Whatever it is that you take on, that breaks the pattern of your day, that is what sets the spark for that new piece that excites you and gets those creative juices flowing.


Before we can launch into a new direction, we need to take a reflective pause and check in to what we have accomplished and created. Where were you successful in the past? What made you shine? It’s good to observe your strengths and weaknesses and what triggers them. Is some knowledge or skill missing? Go after it.

Let go

You’ve settled into a pattern. You may need to break free, to move in a new direction. Basically, we need to conquer our fears of failure. Recognize what has been a negative influence and let it go. Does social media help or hinder? Create the creative world that you need.

Start something new

Doing something new can be very exciting and gets your mind and body working in new ways. New hobbies can stretch your imagination and lead you down new paths, thereby stretching your imagination. Discovering something new about the world or about ourselves and our abilities can have very positive effects.


We need to fill our minds with new ideas so that things don’t get too repetitive.  We need to stimulate our enthusiasm and lust to create. How we do it is an individual thing.

It’s okay to retreat for a while, even have a little vacation. A change in environment can bring new stimuli. You don’t even have to go far. It can be a day, a weekend, or even a week it that is what you need.

Creativity needs time to incubate. So be patient with yourself. Sometimes you just have to give it a little time.

Be patient with yourself. Creativity needs time to incubate.
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