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Growth spurt in Laser Eye Surgery trends promise better quality vision for more people


Laser eye surgery has become pretty popular across the globe in a very short period of time thanks simply to the many benefits that it offers. But one should not forget that despite its incredible popularity, it is still a relatively new surgical procedure and is constantly evolving to ensure that the best benefits are offered to those coming in for a vision defect correction.

laser eye surgery

While the current technological spurt has meant that the equipment needed for the procedure is becoming cheaper by the minute and making it far more economically viable for patients, the bigger and more significant strides are being made in the advancement of Laser and computer targeting technology that will make the procedure a lot safer and reliable.

Among the many latest innovations is the 60 kHz laser that enables surgeons to create a flap on the eye a lot faster than before. This not just means less exposure to the Laser but makes the process easier for the surgeon involved and all the more comfortable for the patient. Since the flap is placed back and it heals naturally, this should only help in reducing the recovery time as well. Another latest advancement is the use of wavefront guided laser treatment, which helps surgeons treat astigmatism with greater success along with treatment for near and far sightedness that is a lot more accurate.

Procedures like the LASIK and LASEK have increased the success rate of Laser Eye Surgeries and it is expected that with greater market reach and the continuing demand for the surgical procedure, large amount of capital, time and effort is being invested in research programs that help in rolling out further technological breakthroughs which make the procedure as successful as possible.

With its already high success rate, fewer side effects, quick nature of the procedure and fast recovery time, the laser eye surgery has brought a whole new world of perfect vision to those who previously had to put up with contact lenses and spectacles and this trend is only likely to continue and grow exponentially.

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