Help improve employee morale and office productivity with a foosball table

Obviously everyone has heard of “all work and no play makes Jack a dull dude” and while that has been around for a while (in various different phrases that carry the same meaning, of course) modern studies and scientific research and surveys are now backing up the fact.

In a world where we are increasingly becoming mechanical and running to beat the clock on a constant basis, offices and corporate firms have realized that they need to provide their employees with much needed breaks that not only give them rest, but also refresh them by taking them into an alternate world. The solution to this has come in the form of game rooms at work.

Having a game room is becoming more and more accepted across both Europe and the US with companies seeing the value of the investment. While initially it was thought that game rooms would distract from the work environment, studies have now proven conclusively that they actually improve office and employee morale, help push productivity up by keeping workforce fresher and rejuvenated and most importantly help in building team spirit to a very large extent.

The advent of game rooms that are full of Foosball and pool tables, arcade games and even the latest in gaming in the form of Xbox or PS3 has meant that the minor differences between employees are ironed out as they come closer in the fun-filled atmosphere. 80 percent of those surveyed have said their concentration and interest in work improved after a short gaming break and some even stay back late to have some fun with work buddies.

From law firms to software giants and from automotive ships to even convents, game rooms are now becoming a wonderful addition to office layout. And if you are planning on getting one yourself, then think of one that incorporates a big screen with a gaming console, some popular titles, a few old arcade stalls and maybe a pool table and some foosball fun from the likes of Liberty Games. The best way to improve employee morale, really!

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