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How Are You Observing Canada 150?


You are invited to a birthday party on July 1st…you and about 36 million other people. Yes, July 1st is Canada’s birthday, but this year is an extra special one. The old girl is turning 150 years old and we have to say, she’s looking pretty good for her age!

There are many activities planned from coast-to-coast, so chances are you will be able to find many things to do right in your own community. Festivities of this sort serve several important purposes. Cultural pockets of Canada you may not be familiar with can appear front and centre, showing off what makes them unique and valuable to our nation. You can also learn about important parts of the country’s history, try new foods, and meet many new and interesting people.

This is also a perfect time to celebrate everything that makes Canada so great. While there are still issues to deal with, Canada remains one of the most progressive countries in the world, having legalized gay marriage more than a decade ago. We have also produced many extremely talented writers, artists, performers, and musicians. Canada also boasts some of the most amazing cities in the world (Toronto was voted the 4th most attractive on the planet) along with incredible natural wonders like Niagara Falls and the Canadian Rockies that tourists from all over the world come to see.

We have a low crime rate, good relationships with many other nations, an ample supply of clean water, our unemployment rate is lower than many other countries, our health care system is admired in many parts of the globe, and we’re a great place to grow up and grow old in.

We’re also very polite. But you probably already knew that.

Take the time to celebrate your home and native land this July 1st! By Tobias Alt, Tobi 87 – Own work, GFDL,
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