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How to Plan the Perfect Anniversary Celebration


The years seem to fly by, and before you know it, another year has spun around and you have a wedding anniversary to celebrate.

The challenge is to make it romantic, memorable and perhaps most importantly, affordable!

Your budget will determine whether you can celebrate with a party, a getaway, or a dinner for two. So the first thing to do is to get out that financial spreadsheet.


Party, party

A party can be a small one with a close circle of friends or include all the people you and your spouse have come to know over the years. Depending on how long you have been together, this number can really grow!

Whether large or small, it will involve a certain amount of planning. There are considerations such as venue, theme, invitations, food, entertainment, décor, as well as the number of guests. Oh, and don’t forget, you’ll need a photographer to capture all the memories.

Romantic Getaway

A getaway to a favorite destination might include a concert, theater, restaurant and maybe an overnight, somewhere within driving distance. Alternatively, you can set your sights on that all-inclusive cruise or vacation, you have been dreaming of. And now back to the budget, and just how far it will stretch!

Ditch Convention

You might also consider ditching convention. This might be a chance to let your hair down a little! Plan a unique adventure together. Travel somewhere exotic, and experience something different.

A Milestone Anniversary

If you happen to be celebrating a milestone anniversary, it’s not something you can easily ignore! Nor should you. They don’t come round very often. It’s an opportunity to recognize where you have been, and what challenges you have faced as a couple. It’s a time to also look ahead to the future and how you want that to look. It would be fun to plan around the traditional or modern symbols that are associated with the number of years you have been married.

Whatever you end up doing, it’s nice to have something permanent to mark the day, such as a professional photo, or buy a special purchase, or get a tattoo, if that’s something you both agree on!

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