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Is a Paleo Diet Right for You?


Fad diets seem to come and go. There was the “Atkins” diet, the “eat right for your type” diet, and who could forget the “Zone” diet? Millions follow the ever-popular weight watcher’s diet. We seem to be either counting calories, points, or fat grams.

Eggs over smoked salmon and spinach make an awesome breakfast!

The paleo diet is one of the newer diets on the scene. But what is it all about and how does it differ from what we’ve been told is healthy to eat?

The paleo diet is about eating real food. Real food being food in its most natural state that has undergone the least amount of processing and manufacturing. The word “paleo” refers to the Paleolithic Era, which was about 2.6 million years ago. The caveman’s diet back then would have consisted of plants, seeds, fish and meat. No one expects you to eat like a caveman. The paleo diet does have a modern twist. Cooking methods and food availability have changed dramatically since then!

No More Processed Foods

The paleo diet aims to replace manufactured, over-processed foods with empty calories with natural nutrient filled foods that are good for you. So many young people grow up in families where processed packaged foods are the norm. It becomes their way of eating when they have families of their own. This leads to obesity and health problems.

Fat Does Not Make You Fat!

Paleo cooking does not cut out the fat. It’s the quality of the fat that matters. All the good fats, like olive oil, saturated animal fats, and quality butter don’t have to be avoided. Should we be concerned about our cholesterol levels? Paleo food enthusiasts say no. They maintain cholesterol has always been a vital nutrient to the body and is not the cause of heart disease. That means you can stop steering away from bacon. New studies show that sugar and excessive omega-6 fats play a much greater role in the progression of heart disease.

Inflammatory Food to Avoid

  • All forms of sugar
  • Polyunsaturated vegetable oils and trans fats
  • Commercial dairy
  • Processed and grain-fed meats
  • Iodized salt
  • Alcohol
  • Preservatives, imitation flavours, artificial sweeteners

Why eat paleo food?

It will enhance your quality of life

You will look great, feel awesome and live longer.

You will experience:

  • Fat loss
  • Healthy joints
  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Clear skin
  • Optimal brain function
  • Balanced moods
  • Strength and fitness

The most challenging aspect of this diet, is giving up breads, grains, and baked goods, if you, like me enjoy a nice piece of apple pie or a chocolate chip cookie every now and again. Drinking alcohol in moderation might be a challenge for some as well. 

Perhaps it is a diet worth giving a try to see how good you feel and maybe the benefits outweigh the sacrifices!

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