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It’s a new year…ready, set, organize!


As a new year begins, it often signals the urge to organize. Some of us are always apt to organize some aspect of our lives, whether it is the weekly laundry task, the spice cupboard, a new gym workout or the dreaded outdoor shed.  But for some reason, at this particular time, our tendency to organize goes into higher gear.

get organized with colours and labels
Getting organized can mean some color coding and labeling

It’s as good a time as any to take inventory, purge, declutter and reorganize! Clearing a lot of the clutter can leave us feely refreshed and ready to dive into new projects.  Taking stock, and going through items that are outdated, and just taking up space, clears us for new ones that may come along.  Purging clears the path, whether it is a new path for learning, travel, health or self-improvement.

Take Inventory

It may be your computer software, bookmarked items, your kitchen spices, or your coat closet, whatever it is that you are organizing, you need to begin with an inventory. Create groups of items, to be donated, to be thrown out, to be kept and cleaned or altered—you get the idea. This can get really time-consuming, so don’t plan to do this at lightning speed.

Take Stock

Take stock of your physical space, your drawer or your computer. Is it up to the task? Does it need to be renewed or replaced? What’s been working, and what has not?  We have so many apps on our smartphones, many that seemed like a good idea at the time, and we’re just not using them. Time to clear them away!

After years of bookmarking all kinds of sites and pages in your browser for future reference, it’s a great idea to go through the lists and create folders, and subfolders, if necessary so that everything is easier to find. Next time you are looking for that valuable resource, you’ll be glad you did.

Purge, purge, purge!

We hang on and collect so much of everything. But many of these items are just taking up space. Books can be donated, as well as clothing, dishes, unused garden tools and home décor items.  Many food items, grow old and stale, such as spices, and many dry goods. Even freezer items need to be used before they start to deteriorate.


This is a really an important step and one that really provides a lot of personal satisfaction. It requires some planning as you may want to label items more clearly, alphabetize, or just shift items around for easier access. Perhaps items need to be color coded or stored differently.  It’s worthwhile to take the time to do this right.

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