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It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Save


You might think it is a pity that you cannot take a class called Save A Relationship 101 in college. You can take math classes, physics classes, literature classes – you can get a class on virtually everything under the sun!

A class on how to save a relationship or relationships in general, however, is anything that might help everyone and is open to no one. Fortunately, you already have the skills to save your relationship and make it better without needing a class. All you DO need is a desire to work at it. To learn insightful hints about personal savings, visit the following url; cash in Waterloo until next payday.

Most relationships, no matter what happens, can be saved. Now, there ARE a few relationships that just should not be saved, like those that are abusive or one in which both partners are really miserable. But most relationships have the capacity to be saved. That should be lesson number one in any Save A Relationship 101 class.

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The main trouble is that people give up too soon. They’re angry, hurt, upset and it just seems easier to step out of the situation that made them that way. It’s all too easy to focus only on what is happening now, and not the past. It’s all too easy to concentrate on what was bad in a relationship – instead of what was good.

If the relationship was good at one time, and lets face it-most were good in the beginning or they never would’ve happened, then it can be that way again. But people have to look past the anger and the issues that are happening now, and remember those good times. People have to ask themselves what has changed to transform the relationship from good to bad. Have THEY changed? Has their partner changed? Is their more stress that is putting a pressure on the relationship? Has their been a loss of trust? There are so many ‘things ” that can make a relationship go from good to bad and it is very important to find out what it is. Once you can do that – you can get a way to save a relationship.

Sometimes one person can do it. However, it’s not easy. It’s hard to stay positive and hopeful when your boyfriend of girlfriend does not act or feel the same. It can start to feel like you are fighting a losing battle. You need to keep fighting that battle, however, because even though the relationship does not heal, it will make you a better person. That’s because the things you will do to attempt to save a relationship are simply good for you, and good for the remaining person, too.

It’s very important to note the way you behaved when the relationship was new and going strong. Compare that to how you behave with that person now. How do you respond to the things that they say and do NOW, to how you reacted to those same things when the relationship was young and good. Turn things around by acting the way you used to, and doing the things you used to.

Do your very best to show them the person that they wish to be with again. Bring out the best ‘you” no matter what. Show them that you care enough to grant them your very best. It’s a win-win situation all around.

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