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Man sentenced to 126 days of community work for slapping wife


The Criminal Court No. 2 of Caceres has sentenced a man to 126 days of community service because of threatening and slapping his wife in front of the daughter who is a minor.

Part of the judgment condemns MAGR for a minor threat offense and need sto do 70 days of work for the community and the prohibition of approaching the victim for a year.

For the crime “abuse of work” he was sentenced to 56 days of social work and the prohibition of approaching the victim for another year.

In addition, the judge also ordered four days of  relocation and the prohibition of not being near the victim within 200 meters for two months.

Their marriage lasted for five years, they were separated in 2010, and has a five year old daughter.

Evidence show that such threats have been frequent  and that on one occasion, in front of the daughter and in the middle an argument, he slapped his wife and that there have been other episodes of threats .

They were separated in May 2010 and the defendant approached the victim’s place of work and had a  “violent” discussion.

The decision of the Criminal Court is final and no appeal can be raised.

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