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McDonald’s launches veggie burger


Rod Mc, Mc Chicken, Mc Fish … The fast food giant McDonald’s expands its range for some time burgers to suit everyone. As part of this process, it plans to open two restaurants soon totally vegetarian in India, reports the “Financial Times “.

The famous “M” will be installed in two famous holy cities of country: Amrisar, sacred to the Sikhs and Katra, Hindu shrine dedicated to the worship of the god Vishnu. No beef or pork in the land of sacred cows in these two regions, the population is exclusively vegetarian.

Major crossing points because of their temples, they attract a significant number of visitors. However, the country of the sacred cow, Hindus, which represent 80% of the country’s population, and Sikhs, 2% do not eat beef. Muslims (13%) do not consume pork. In order to please its customers, the chain had already taken the initiative to propose lamb burgers or a revamped version of “BicMac”, this time filled with chicken instead of the traditional hamburger. The latter renamed the “Maharaja Mac” is a huge success, totaling a quarter of sales in the country. Regarding vegetarians, three sandwiches were already used. A market to 12 billion coveted Compared to France, the second largest market for American brand, India is still seen as a beginner. McDonald’s India has only 271 outlets in the country, against 1200 in France. But this is only a matter of time, because the leaders are hoping to double the number of outlets in the next three years, relying in particular on the concept of vegetarian restaurant, very promising. “India is a key focus of our development, and we are preparing to capture the market,” says Rajesh Kumar Maini, one of the leaders of the brand in the columns of the Huffington Post . In India, the market fast food estimated at $ 12 billion is highly coveted. U.S. Subways chain, which has 280 outlets in India, yesterday opened its first restaurant entirely vegetarian in the State of Punjab on a private university campus owned by vegetarians. Domino’s Pizza for its part developed ultra spicy pizza recipes for restaurants in the subcontinent.

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