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More than 10,000 chickens killed by heat


Tragic fate for these chickens in Allier, more than 10,000 of them are suffocated by the heat in a hangar farm located in the village of Isserpent. Newspaper The Mountain first released this story that gives goosebumps.

Farmers have done everything to save them. “We give them water, opened the roof for ventilation but despite all the efforts made the chickens died. They die from 33 ° C because they do not sweat and it was 36.6 ° C in the building, “sighed Robin Christian, the owner of the farm. The first fell Saturday, the slaughter continued until Sunday. “It’s now inside juice” with his wife, Robin Christian alerted the authorities. In vain. “What is unacceptable is that, I had the prefect of Moulins on the phone and we did not have to dump.” With temperatures bordering 40 degrees, the couple breeders now faces another challenge: “We have to close the windows, the smell is nauseating, the neighbors too are complaining. The couple has another 25,000 cattle barn in another hangar with a mister, where there was no massive deaths reported.

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