Drunk woman drowned a friend in Paris

A 22-year old woman was drunk and shoved a friend in Paris Seine and the later drowned. The woman was accused of violence resulting in death without intention to kill on Saturday and placed under judicial control. The drama took place at night of Thursday to Friday at two o’clock in the morning.

The victim, who was also drunk, urinated in the Seine from the top of a parapet in front of the Wanderlust nightclub. The young woman, who was in the same group of friends, then pushed victim. The police brigade were then dispatched to the scene. Saved and hospitalized, the boy died around 5:00. Her friend was taken into custody after staying in a room to sober up because of her intoxication.


Vatican Scandal: Pope’s butler and accomplice will be judged

Vatican court announced Monday that they would consider not only the pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, for the scandal dubbed “Vatileaks” on leaks of confidential documents but also his accomplice whose name appears for the first time, Claudio Sciarpelletti, a computer technician in the Secretariat of State.
Piero Bonnet released a statement at the Vatican that Paolo Gabriele will trialed for theft aggravated, including accomplice Claudio Sciarpelletti.
Sciarpelletti M is an analyst and programmer at the Secretariat of State, the government center of the Vatican.
At a press conference, the Vatican spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi said the latter was not really an accomplice and he had a “marginal role”.
Paolo Gabriele, 46, arrested on May 23, was assigned to his home in the Vatican on July 21 after 53 days of detention in a cell of the palace of justice , behind the Basilica St. Pierre, in the absence of prison.
So far, he was the sole defendant in the case Vatileaks transmitting hundreds of secret documents Italian journalists in January.

Gabriele is accused of stealing from the desk of Bishop Georg Gänswein, private secretary of Pope, many letters and emails ultra-secret, some addressed to Joseph Ratzinger, and have copied for transmission to the the public.
Gabriele, married with three children, pious and discreet man, who is a Vatican national, had started working for the Pope in 2006 as a butler. He was responsible for preparing his ceremonial robes and accompanied him in the Popemobile.


Berlin rules out that Spain is going to require financial support from the European bailout funds

The Foreign Minister of Germany, Guido Westerwelle, ruled that Spain is going to require financial support from the European bailout funds for the second time because of the “great determination” of the government of Mariano Rajoy in the adoption of reforms.

In an interview with the newspaper Germanic ‘The Bild am Sonntag’ which is published Sunday, Westerwelle says that “Spain is a very solid with a very strong economy” . “The Spanish government of Mariano Rajoy has shown great determination to implement the reforms,” said German Foreign Minister. “That’s why I’m so optimistic about Spain,” he added.

Westerwelle, who is spending his vacation in Mallorca, emphasizes that the German Government rejects the collectivization of European debt, which would imply the creation of Eurobonds . “To me this is not negotiable. Eurobonds hurt the crisis, not palliate” argues Westerwelle.

This is one of the main demands of Spain, Italy and France in order to shore up confidence in financial markets and halt the upward trend in risk premiums and interest on debts Italian and Spanish, before levels reach such levels “unsustainable”.

In this regard, he stresses in a message released by the most conservative government of Angela Merkel, “The euro and Europe is threatened not only by the lack of solidarity, but also by the excess of solidarity, “Westerwelle highlights.

“With a shared responsibility, we will put the euro at risk, “stressed Foreign Minister, referring to euro zone. However, it unclear whether the German Government is opposed with the same rigidity to the purchase of the debt by the European Central Bank, as did earlier this year, easing market pressure on Italy and Spain, acting under “independence” of Eurobanco.

At the most personal, Westerwelle account in the interview that Mallorca has been assiduously your holiday destination. “I love Mallorca from my childhood, my father sent me here to teach me to swim,” he explains. “Mallorca has some beautiful scenery, great culture and nightlife for young people,” says Foreign Minister of Germany, who confesses his predilection for Padrón peppers.


Time to pay TAXES!

On August 6, the first tax notices were sent by the administration, deadline for payment is 17 September or 22 September for those setting online.

This is a letter not to miss! The first “notice of tax” on incomes in 2011 have just been mailed by the tax authorities. Overview of points to watch. Who is the recipient of this mail? Anyone who filed a tax return of about 36.9 million French.

Pay back in taxes or are exempted from tax. The amount you have to pay (or that the IRS will refund to you) will appear in full on the first page of the notice.

When will we receive the notice? The tax administration has sent the first folds on 6 August. These forms were sent first to taxpayers who have opted to pay using third party. If you pay monthly, do not panic, the notice will be sent until 16 August. If the next few weeks you see nothing coming, there is always the possibility to download it on the site www.impots.gouv.fr.

When should I pay? Taxpayers have until September 17 to send their payments . Those who prefer the digital channel, however, can pay until September 22 by Internet. New this year, net of income tax can be paid directly from a smartphone. This possibility is confined to non mensualisées have not opted for the maturity. For people mensualisées, no change: the IRS indicates that the balance will be deducted from their account during the last quarter or, for those who have overpaid, the refund amount.

How to fix if there is an error? Forgot check box “dependent child”, error by deferring an amount … if you find an error on your statement, you can still change. Two options: go to the center of the nearest public finances (the address is on the first page of the notice of assessment) or – novelty – correct line. Warning, this online service (télécorrection in administrative language) is used by taxpayers with 12.8 million income declared.


Valentino quits Ducati, returns to Yamaha

The Italian rider Valentino Rossi will leave the Ducati team next season, where he chained disappointment the last two years, to return to Yamaha, with which he has signed a contract for two seasons and where he will share with the current team leader of the World MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo.

Ducati Rossi said Friday, I would leave the team and Yamaha thereupon confirmed the return of the Italian to the 2013 and 2014 seasons. ‘Il Dottore’ attempt to rejuvenate old laurels in the brand’s pitch, which won four World Cups and 46 races in the top flight in a fruitful period that lasted seven years between 2004 and 2010.

Yamaha’s director, Lin Jarvis, said he was pleased to announce good news again after signing in June Jorge Lorenzo renewal for the next two years. “We have put together the strongest team possible to fight for wins”, he said in a statement.

“We’ve had this super team in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and during that period we got triple crown, the drivers’ championship, constructors and number of wins for three consecutive years. I have no doubt that with experience, wisdom, talent and speed of these two pilots we will be able to fight for many victories in the next two World Cup”, he explained.

Thus, confirming the news that takes planning to the paddock MotoGP since Ben Spies announced that Yamaha would not continue in a thinly veiled disgust. Lorenzo reacted quickly, that rated as “good for Yamaha”, Rossi a possible return. “What I want is to have a competitive driver in the team”, stressed the Spaniard recently.

Lorenzo arrived in 2008 in the Yamaha MotoGP team with the backing of his two consecutive world titles in 250cc. In the Japanese they found a Rossi that had accumulated five World Cups in the top and has not made life easy for his new partner.

The famous ‘wall’ to separate ‘boxes’ that won the Italian created a palpable tension that the competitiveness of both drivers was responsible for stoking. After two new titles in 2008 and 2009, Lorenzo managed to unseat in 2010 to his teammate, who left the team heading for Ducati, which has accumulated disappointments.

For his part, he stressed that Ducati is already working on the new project, after “recently renovated” the American Nicky Hayden . “Ducati is in the process of finalizing the team that will participate in the World Championships in 2013, I’m confident that my team and the bike is capable of competing at the highest level,” he said.


Google changes search engine algorithm

The technology company Google has announced that they will modify the algorithms of its popular Internet search engine to impair vision to the web pages linked to content that infringes the copyright, as published on its corporate blog ‘Inside Search’.

The updated browser will take effect from next week. This is a change in the criteria set when the result list generated by each search to give priority to sites that offer legitimate products against which promote pirated content, which will be relegated to less prominent positions.

To differentiate between the web based on their respect for copyright, Google will consider the number of complaints received concerning violations of “copyright” associated with Web sites.

According to Vice President of Engineering at Google, Amit Singhal, our company received in the last 30 days piracy alerts related to more than 4.3 million URLs. “From now on we will use these data as an indicator in our rankings of search” , Singhal said that, however, Google will not remove any pages from your browser unless it receives an application “valid” who owns the rights to the pirated content.

“Only owners ‘copyright’ know if something is allowed and only the courts can decide whether a ‘copyright’ has been infringed. Google can not determine whether a particular page violates copyright law”, said Singhal.


In addition to his service to receive complaints by content pirates, Google confirmed that it will continue to provide tools for those who feel that their website has been wrongly stigmatized as infringement of the laws of “copyright” and can claim to be operational again. From the “Motion Picture Association of America” (MPAA), the organization that acts as spokesman for the Hollywood industry, the announcement was received positively but cautiously.

“Google shares will help direct the consumer to look for legitimate ways to access movies and TV shows on the internet and away from dishonest and P2P sites (content-sharing networks) and other illegal enterprises that steal the hard work of creators” said Michael O’Leary, vice president for Foreign Affairs of the MPAA. The organization insisted, however, pay close attention to the application of this new search criteria, over which they have doubts.

“The devil is always in the details”, said O’Leary who asked that Google will take more measures to ensure that their services encourage legitimate businesses and “robbers”.


Top 5 conspiracy theories about the Olympic Games: Fact or fiction

The world is full of people who believe that everything that meets the eye and seems normal is actually fueled by hidden agendas and supported by secret groups. Conspiracy theorists have been probably around as long as human history. When simple and normal explanations do not suffice or seem completely adequate, people tend to search for inner meaning that may or may not exist. While definitive proof is always eluding us, whether you wish to go along with the conspiracy theory or believe the more popular explanations is simply a matter of personal choice.

The Olympics though, have their own set of weird theories surrounding them and here are 5 of them that have surely ruffled a few feathers over time.

The 2012 Olympics ‘Zion’ Logo:
If you look at the London 2012 Olympics log, then it is hard not to believe that it simply means ‘2012’ in some contrived fashion. But play around a bit with it and you can easily enough create the word ‘Zion’ and Iran were particularly unhappy with this unique coincidence. London 2012 Conspiracy theorists say that it is no coincidence and that it is a clear message to the world from a powerful secret society. No matter what you believe though that is $650,000 wasted on creating one very ugly logo for sure!

Phelps 7th Gold in 2008:
This one is particularly irksome since it accuses arguably the greatest talent in an Olympic pool of not winning one of his Olympic medals. According to some keen conspiracy buffs Phelps lost that race by 1/100th of a second, but IOC official claim that it was just a camera angle that made it appear that way. So, while few still complain about how the US might have paid plenty of people to secure that 7th gold, IOC clearly states nothing of the sorts ever happened.

Conspiracy against the Chinese and Cubans:
Targeting the US seems to be a popular tune at the Olympics and while knowing the actual truth behind this is probably next to impossible, athletes and official from nations like Cuba and China along with their leaders back home seem to voice the growing ‘conspiracy’ played out by the US to keep them in check and contain their medal tally using ‘disqualifications’!

Let us worship fire!
One of the biggest complaints about the closing ceremony at the 2012 games and something that the entire ‘conspiracy wing’ was very happy to use as ammunition was the amount of time that was spent during the closing ceremony highlighting fire and a giant flaming Phoenix. Many claim that it was the definitive ritual that clearly showcased the future arrival of ‘New World Order’.

E.T arriving in a space ship:
Finally there were those that strongly believed that some sort of alien beings will finally descend down upon us at the 2012 Olympics and take over the control of the world. Some even say that the 1984 closing ceremony at the Atlanta games was a precursor to judge how humans would react to aliens! Remember the alien walking out of a ‘staged UFO’ and addressing earth beings? Theories are a plenty that there was little that was ‘staged’ in all of it.