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Would you describe yourself as being a patient person? Most of us do, though our definition of patient varies from person to person. Do you feel you could use some help in this area? Try the following suggestions: Beware of Instant Gratification Much of our consumer society is geared towards towards delivering what we want […]
While there have been many dramatic advances in the world of medicine over the years, one area that is proven persistently difficult to conquer is dementia. While many of the brain’s mysteries have been effectively mapped, there is still much that even finest medical experts don’t know. This is especially unfortunate given not only what […]
Everyone hits a creative wall sometimes. You find yourself staring at a blank screen, knowing that you must pull ideas and words out from within and commit them. There may even be a deadline looming, adding to your stress and potential agony. Creativity often comes in bursts and disappears quickly.  This can be very frustrating […]
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