It isn’t anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Many people are satisfied the way life goes on and we are ready to take things as they come. They do not display any entrepreneur characteristics either. On the other hand there are others who’re always enthusiastic, throbbing with ideas and continueosly on the look out for opportunities and means of doing things different. In other words they display the typical entrepreneur characteristics that make them stand out from the rest.

Entrepreneurs are problem-solvers and solution-seekers. When something looks as though it is not going to work, entrepreneurs still find ways to make it work. More often than not, this also translates into helping others.

Self confidence plays an important role in whatever they do. They ooze with self confidence and inspire confidence among the people who work with them. They are ready to meet any challenges and are sure that they’ll be successful. This is a characteristic absolutely necessary for an entrepreneur.

Broadening The Entrepreneur Circle

One of the major entrepreneur characteristics they display is the enthusiasm in whatever they do. They are very serious and passionate about whatever they undertake. An enthusiastic person can easily be identified from the remainder for he glows and radiates enthusiasm. As Paul J. Meyer says ‘Enthusiasm glows, radiates, permeates and immediately captures the benefit of all. ‘

and, to add to that…

The leadership characteristics they display are outstanding. They are still in the forefront and are willing to assume responsibilities and lead from the front. They have the ability to determine problems and sort out issues. They have a vision and pursue that vision relentlessly while inspiring others to perform the same.

The Other Side Of Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur trait that stands out prominently is self discipline. Until and unless an entrepreneur is disciplined he can never be successful. They move themselves to perform the things they got to do while many fall by the wayside.

They display a sense of urgency when jobs have to done. There is no question of their postponing or delaying any job entrusted to them. They never procrastinate and are quick in completing tasks allotted to them.

They won’t hesitate to take calculated risks. They will dare do things others will never do. They know that unless you take risks you’ll not outsmart your competitor. This entrepreneur characteristic is typical of entrepreneurs who’ve made a success of their business.

The successful entrepreneur prefers to take moderate, calculated risks where the chance of winning are neither so small as to be a gamble nor so large as to become a sure thing. Rather, risks are preferred which provide a reasonable and challenging chance of success. And a situation whose outcome is influence as much as by one’s ability and effort as by mere change. Your success or failure in your business depends on the degree of risks you take also risk taking has much significant impact on the ways decisions are made. But remember that entrepreneurs are well aware of the no risk-no return, high risk, high return continuum, and to take moderate challenging risks where moderate returns are attainable and are affected by their abilities and decisions.

In whatever environment they’re in, thinking big is their nature. They are never short of new ideas and are constantly thinking of expansion and implementing new processes and technologies.

One of the important entrepreneur characteristics is the willingness to learn and keep up to date with the recent developments in technology. They constantly update their skills and are very knowledgeable about their business.

They display excellent time management skills which is very essential for an entrepreneur. An important aspect of time management is planning ahead. They have a schedule of the functions and activities that are important. They plan and execute their work so skillfully and in time that they’re seldom or never stressed.

Discipline is highly important for the entrepreneurs. He should have a control on all his habits. The skills of time management should be in him.

One of the most courageous entrepreneur characteristics that has brought success to many is never to quit in any circumstances, come what may. Failure isn’t an option for them. They will remain motivated till success is achieved.

People who display the above entrepreneur characteristics have the potential of becoming successful entrepreneurs. If you think you possess the majority of these characteristics why not go ahead and become an entrepreneur.

International Trade Methods

The definition of International trade is not at all unlike how we would normally define domestic trade. The only difference is that the presence of trading crosses geographical boundaries. A country would consider trading Internationally in an attempt to give their GDP a big boost very quickly. International trading is not new to the business world. We have been trading across boundaries ever since we found ways to move past borders in the latest modes of transportations but the way trading is done these days is a much more complicated and lucrative than it used to be. Industrialization, globalization and the training of many multinational corporations have all changed the way nations deal with each other.

International trade was equally important to the value of one’s lives today; imagine if our choices were limited to what we can produce locally. Without the goods and services provided from other countries, we would be life in a world confined to what we’re given…this is against the principle of growth of humankind.

Let’s Go Further

Import: The other type of world trade is the import, when a country buys goods and services abroad. In the above example, India is the importing country, as it has purchased of shoes from Japan.

Trading Internationally involves heavy costs because on top of the cost of the product or service, the nation’s government will usually impose time costs, tariffs, and the many other costs involved in moving (normally) the goods across into another country where language, system, culture and rules are seen as a big hindrance.

The cost of trading is the first point that comes to our mind when we speak of business at the border and within the country’s borders. The cost involved in international trading is substantially higher as compared to local trading. Factors that make international trading expensive and difficult may include time required to transport goods across the borders, pricey tariffs that needs to be paid, time wasted at the borders, burdensome custom inspections, and so on.

One of the largest movers in the International trading world that we have at present is China where labor is plentiful and cheap. Many labor-intensive products designed and produced by United States and other European countries are assembled or manufactured in China where labor is cheap. This is typical because it is a move that can save the original country a lot of time and money. Furthermore, with the opening of door of China, citizens now have more income opportunities to make life better.

However, when a country deals a lot with International trade, although it creates exponential income possibilities for the locals, by importing or exporting too much of something can cause injury to the local scene. Countries suffer local pressure to change laws governing International trade to protect the local industries during recession. The most painful and memorable of such incident is the Great Depression. Each country dealing with International trade have their very own laws and bylaws which governs their trading policies but on a global level, trading activities are monitored and done through the World Trade Organization.

The role of WTO is to assure that there is peaceful and mutually benefiting business atmosphere. Trading amongst each other can cause minor unwanted rifts between parties concerned and if left to sizzle can cause major problems on the International front. In the event such problems are detected or voiced, the WTO can step in and take priority over the disputes by holding talks, discussions and finding ways of solving the International trading problems amicably. One of the ways to achieve this is to sign agreements or multilateral agreements not unlike the FTAA between the Buenos Aires on the Free Trade Area of the Americans.

The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) is the first multilateral agreement on trade in services.

Don’t be surprised but the people who profit from all these International trading activities are the small enterprises and medium-sized organizations who’ve good products or services to offer. So, if you are thinking about going this way, if you hit it right, you’d be riding a long successful wave of business deals.

Abc’s Of Social Media

Salt and pepper, social media, SEO., and peanut butter and jelly These two online marketing strategies are so intertwined that a media marketing campaign cannot ignore one or the other. To be successful online, a business or website needs both.

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is using keywords and concepts in a website’s content or blog that attracts visitors to a website. Knowing what keywords and concepts are searched most often is necessary to make SEO for a site effective.

Hot Topic: Social Media

Google Adwords Keyword Search Tool is one tool that website designers and writers use to incorporate common search terms into a blog post or article. Yet, even with optimal search terms and keywords, a website cannot build popularity without social media.

I found this interesting as well..

SMM allows you to use numerous socially promoting keywords. However ensure that you use appropriate keywords in the articles. Social media optimization has numerous benefits such as exposure to your website which leads to increased website traffic. Therefore it can ultimately also take your website in the upper portion of Google search engine ranking.

Now we’re getting into it..

Social media, once considered the area of people looking to network and make friends online, is now confirmed as an essential element to any business marketing strategy. Politicians, entertainers, charities, businesses, and well, most everyone uses social media these days.

Hence both Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization should be used wisely as a means to promote your business and making it a profitable enterprise.

Technovillacom is a famous blogger. He is an expert on the issues of Social Media Marketingand Social Media Optimization. He is associated with one of the finest Social Media Marketing Company of India.

Social media is more than just a way to gain contacts and followers. It’s a foundation for gaining links. Links are a driving force in search technology. When a site has many incoming links, the search engine perceives the site as more relevant and important and moves it in place in the rankings. If a website does not come up during the first page, or even the first three pages of a search, it’s practically invisible.

Some popular social media sites include Twitter, Facebook, del.icio.us, Stumbleupon, Digg, and Squidoo. More are being added all the time, changing the dynamism of social media. Tools are available that help users connect with accounts on several sites at once, increasing efficiency in social networking.

When a website is listed or bookmarked in either of the social media sites, other users can grade the site and its content. This validates the significance of having relevant and informative copy.

As users comment on blogs and articles, they can add their own links, and increase traffic to their sites. One important component of media marketing is commenting on other sites and becoming active in online communities.

As people visit a site and like what they find, they pass the link on through their own social media sites. This is termed viral marketing. When a site, article, or video goes viral, it means it’s being promoted all over the Internet through people visiting it.

Think of it as a beneficial sort of gossip. One person tells ten friends that a site has something exciting, those ten friends tell ten friends each, each of the 100 new friends tells ten more. A site can be promoted exponentially, much as a virus replicates, hence the term viral marketing.

You are given the chance to make new friends via such sites, whether that be ‘suggested friends’ (a friend of a friend) or online relations that can be formed, owing to a shared interest or hobby.

When launching an online media marketing campaign, the first thing to consider is branding. A site should reflect its brand every time it is mentioned, every place on the web.

Another important aspect is to look at what the customer or user of the site needs and wants. When a site meets those needs with relevant articles that reflect the keywords and SEO terms that clients use in a search what happens? It goes up in the search engine ranking.

If you have email that is consistent with these two sites, do allow it to search them on the sites for you. You can always deselect someone if you do not want to interact.

Invest time and thought into the campaign. Define the goals of what the website has to be successful, and keep those goals in mind when social networking online. Become educated in search engine strategies and apply them into the campaign. Others are working hard to perform the same. Knowledge is today’s competitive edge.

In conclusion, SEO needs social media just as social media needs SEO. For a business to thrive online, the webmaster must become expert in both, and utilize both on a regular basis. Success happens when a site goes viral and finds itself on the front page of the major search engines. The marriage of SEO and social media produces better results than either can alone.

Spotlight On Quantum Computing

I like the word quantum. It’s a very future sounding word. Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett likes it too, and uses it in his novels to describe anything that cannot really be described or understood. It’s a word he uses fairly often considering his stories take place on a world that drifts through space balanced on 4 giant elephants standing on a turtle.

Maybe we ought to create an Artificial Intelligence Agent using Quantum Mechanics that will lead us to a whole new dimension of understanding the world we live in and our economy.

Quantum is like a bridge between what is possible and what’s probable. It makes science fiction science fact. It’s here. Well, near here. The issue of quantum computing has been puzzling researchers for roughly 3 decades. Now it’s like we are just a few short years away from buying them from our local tech stores.

And Now For More Quantum Computing

What’s the big deal with quantum computers anyway? Well, they are super-fast and super-efficient, making current PCs look like the monstrous machines that took up an entire room when they were first developed. According to Fred Chong, from the University to California, a quantum computer would be in a position to solve in mere months problems that would take a conventional computer millions of years.

You must admit it makes sense…

The key to their “superness ” is the fact that quantum bits or qubits aren’t bound by the conventions of time and space as we know them. Normal electrons spin either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Quantum electrons spin in both directions at once. This ability to transcend one state of existence means that when they are used in computing, quantum electrons transform conventional “bits ” into qubits. Conventional bits can be either a 1 or a 0. However, qubits can be both at the same time.

Dive Into More Quantum Computing Details..

In quantum mechanical terms, the qubits exist in superposition. This leads to an inherent parallelism, which according to physicist David Deutsch allows quantum computers to work on a million computations at once. Current PCs can work on only one.

One of the most significant benefits of quantum computers, aside from all the other “superness ”, is that they will make silicon based microchips obsolete. This is a positive thing because within about 4 years silicon chips will have evolved themselves out of existence, being too low to be of any practical use.

One of the manner in which they will negate silicon chips, and completely revolutionise the way computers are wired, is thanks to the quantum property of teleportation. Using teleportation, information about one particle will be communicated to another without using any wires at all. In Star Trek terms, information is beamed from one particle to another. The nice thing about quantum is that there will still be enough power to do this. No flailing about in outer space, panicking about another Klingon attack for these babies. You’re always good to go.

Simple quantum computers are already in existence. However, they are nowhere near achieving what they are capable of. In 2007, a Canadian company, D-Wave, created a 16-qubit (the objective is to at least 30 qubits) quantum computer that could solve sudoku puzzles. Other quantum computers can solve the riddle of Schrodinger’s cat (a cat in a hole with poison, is it alive or dead? Until you open the box and have a look, it occupies both states, not unlike quantum electrons and qubits), considered one of the key equations in quantum mechanics.

Desktop PC or cell phone can be adapted for practical quantum computing. Quantum computing exploits the properties of subatomic particles and the legislation of quantum mechanics. Today’s computers have bits in either a 1 or a 0 state. Qubits, however, can be in both states at the same time.

It may not seem like much to the man/woman on the street. However, it’s adequate to get quantum physicists out of their baths and running naked in the street with cries of “Eureka”.

Mobile Technology Realities

Just about everything you could do on your computer a while ago, is becoming smaller, faster and is currently available on the move. This has become possible owing to the rapid advances in mobile Programming.This mode of communication have established a kind of hype all over the world with its instant connectivity, flexibility and versatility. With the help of these types of communications, we now have features and services available that were unheard of few years ago. Whether you want to share a picture with someone or send a business proposal, it can all be done with your mobile.

There is a special grouping of embedded system in mobile devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Memory devices, display etc are same as those observed in the embedded systems. You need mobile application software to be contact with each and every happenings of your business. A mobile computing system also helps you to vie in the ever-aggressive world of business. Today, mobile phones have become part of our lives and with wireless technology providing interpersonal and device communication services, it helps you to always be ahead in your business. There are many applications which can serve to carry out various activities of your company through our mobile devices, for example, now a business owner can locate his staff’s position through staff location tracker.

To widen the discussion about mobile technology)…

Thus this application can be incorporated in the mobile system and can be helpful for organizations that have field intrinsic people like marketing, sales, PR etc. This can be carried out by using various platforms like GPRS, Bluetooth and WAP technology. Custom software development company India providing mobile applications has experts, who’ve the years of knowledge in the area of mobile application development. These professionals are are well versed with latest technology available in the market and have thorough understanding of the various platforms like J2ME, iphone, Blackberry, BADA, Android, Palm OS, Symbian, and Win CE. Mobile application development companies offers development services with no hidden costs attached. These companies provide almost 24 x 7 easy accessibility to their clients through various communication channels like IMs, Skype, and gtalk and carry out work based on the most recent technology and applications available and suitable for the work in development process.

Talking About Mobile Technology..

The phone devices such as iPhone and BlackBerry have already won a huge market share and have become to choice of mobile users in the world along with the consistently evolving solutions of mobile development in Newport Beach. Thanks to the Mobile Programmer services linked to the mobile development in Orange County, users now enjoy access to pretty much every form of software applications right on their palms in their mobile devices, such as their smart-phones, iPhone or Black Berry smart-phone.Mobile-communications have changed how we do business by increasing connectivity among employees and employer, and between clients and businesses. It is through mobile that e-mails are checked at the very minute they’re received, and are answered there and then.

The computing power is increasing on a daily basis and value of these devices is reducing rapidly. With the constant efforts of the mobile developers in Orange County, the operating systems, such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Apple I Phone OS, and Google Android are getting richer with each passing day.

Mobile Programmers who’re into the mobile development in Orange County are developing new and cutting edge applications and are contributing them to the community.

Also, the open source software market is flooding up with useful mobile applications that are capable of running on different types of mobile phones and wireless gadgets. Utilizing the custom built mobile application is becoming popular for the population to run their businesses keeping up with the present market demands too. For example, if you’re an equity trader in Orange County, constant availability of information concerning the fluctuating prices of various instruments can be of vast use to you. This is something you can achieve if you select a good provide of services in mobile development in Orange County.

Innovation Updated

R&D is a key factor of sales growth in the CPG industry. However, returns from investments in R&D and innovation have been falling. This has led to further cuts to R&D budgets, making breakthrough innovations (which typically have higher returns than incremental innovations) even less likely, leading to lower returns still.

This downward spiral in R&D investment isn’t the only problem. A rigid adherence to orthodox approaches towards innovation, which once served the industry well, are now holding back innovation as they lead to large numbers of undifferentiated innovations hitting the shelves of retailers.

The Details: Innovation

However, major changes are afoot. The advent of open innovation seems to provide a magic bullet solution; it can both improve innovation and simultaneously reduce costs. Certainly the larger, global, players have been quickest of the mark in adopting open innovation approaches, and smaller companies risk being left behind. But open innovation itself is that part of the puzzle – it needs to fit in with a consistent set of innovation strategies and approaches in order for it to serve in the long term.

The multitude of approaches available also makes deciding upon innovation strategy (and surprisingly this basic step is seldom given adequate attention), approaches and processes increasingly difficult. This report examines what the latest strategies and approaches are, what is needed in order to execute them effectively and crucially assesses the areas where companies need to tailor approaches to fit their own company’s needs and drive future success.

Review and appreciation of the strategic innovation options that CPG companies should examine. Crucially, this analysis also covers the need to establish a coherent innovation strategy across categories and platforms and for alignment with overall corporate strategy.

Failings with current CPG innovation approaches and how these are holding back innovation are examined.

Analysis of open innovation and its potential benefits for the CPG industry is provided. Crucially the steps needed in order to effectively approach open innovation are covered.

A framework for managing innovation pipelines is developed which enables it to be seen if an innovation portfolio contains enough of the right types of innovations in the pipeline in order to obtain a flow of innovative products in not only of the short-term, but also the medium to longer-term.

Early research on innovation tended to address the organization’s capacity to respond and adjust to external and/or internal changes (Burns and Stalker) (Hull and Hage). Subsequent work on innovation stressed more on proactive innovation and distinguished between the kind of innovation. There are three types of innovation (process, strategy, and product/service), each of which can range from incremental to radical and from sustaining to discontinuous.

Emphasis was on the ability of the organization to promote both process and product innovation, irrespective of an immediate need for change (Kanter).

Evaluate all the strategic options available to a CPG company in order to begin the processes of deciding upon how to update innovation strategy to lay the foundation for future growth.

Understand the crucial actions and approaches required, with a view to execute strategic decisions effectively – from updating corporate cultures and skills sets to establishing more effective innovation processes.

Identify flaws in current innovation practices and understand why these are holding back product innovation. Use this to be in a position to select only the best, most useful practices for use in the future.

Innovation budgets are under pressure as a consequence of current innovation approaches resulting in lower returns than before. Companies need to innovate to keep their sales. However, new approaches are needed in order to achieve the gains sought.

Opening up innovation teams and practices to people outside the company (open innovation) is a hot new topic. Yet most firms are only in the early days of their open innovation programs and need help in optimizing their approaches.

Many companies can improve their innovation practices and approaches by incorporating, where appropriate, best practices found in other firms. Yet to do this effectively they must first analyze exactly what their overall innovation strategies are and how these fit with overall corporate strategy.

Orthodox approaches to innovation in CPG companies are leading to most new launches being incremental innovations which are poorly differentiated from other outputs in the market.

The CPG industry invests relatively little (as a percent of sales) in R&D compared to many other industries. This is despite breakthrough innovations (which typically require greater levels of investment than incremental innovations) offering higher returns.

A changing innovation environment is creating many challenges to innovation. One major change is the incoming Health Claims Regulation in Europe which will both increase the expense of healthy product innovation and challenge current innovation practices.

Quantum Computing

If you’re trying to find areas in which maths can be applied to the real life, look no additional than computing and in certain the latest exciting advances originating from colleges in the US. At a meeting of the American Physical Society in Dallas, scientists from the College of California, Santa Barbara have been demonstrating the latest steps on the roadway to a quantum computer.

Quantum computing is, of course, a set of algorithms and processes that use quantum physics to process and shop details. Unlike regular computing, which only makes use of quantum mechanics just for hardware; quantum computers utilize it for everything from the CPU to memory to storage to programming. This quantum nature makes them the utmost games devices. They would possess the power and speed of a thousand or so very computers, however, only need to take the kind of your average mobile phone. These computer systems would be so quickly that they would have the ability to run a genuine 24/7 vacation, without any concerns, in your basement. Mathematicians and physicists have actually been dealing with the algorithms for several years, however there has yet to be any advancement that would move quantum computing from concept to a truth, until now that is.

A quantum computer system, something that, as far as we understand, has yet to be built, would have the ability to perform computations on a scale that would significantly out-perform today’s super-computers.

Another valid point on the topic of quantum computing

The UCSB gadget is one action along the road to such a computer. It houses a chip containing 9 quantum devices, 4 of which are ‘quantum little bits’ or Qubits, which do the estimations. Later on this year, the team intends to increase the variety of Qubits to 10. When researchers are able to increase the number of Qubits to about 100, they think the chip will be the basis of a feasible, functional computer system.

Further Discussions About Quantum Computing

They will be able to resolve specific issues much faster than any of our present classic computers (for example Shor’s algorithm) if large-scale quantum computers can be constructed. Quantum computers are different from other computer systems such as DNA computers and standard computers based upon transistors. Some computing architectures such as optical computers [3] may make use of classical superposition of electro-magnetic waves. Without some particularly quantum mechanical resources such as entanglement, it is conjectured that an exponential benefit over classical computer systems is not possible.

All of this opens the possibility that in the near future we’ll have the power these days’s super-computers on our desks, on our laps, even in our mobile phones.

For these developments, we owe a lot to Erwin Schroedinger, whose deal with quantum physics and wave equation led the way to the weird world of quantum mechanics.

At its heart, quantum computing depends upon ‘super-position’, which is the seemingly unnatural ability for a particle to be in 2 states at the same time. A particle spinning in one direction could be provided a weak pulse of energy, which might be enough to set it spinning in the opposite direction, but maybe not. As long as the particle is not being observed or communicated with in any way, quantum physics says that the particle is in both states at the same time.

Now, we can make use of an entire line of these bits to stand for the binary digits of a number. We would require to feed each number into the computer separately if a calculation is performed using a traditional computer. But because a quantum computer system can operate on bits in super-position, it can do the calculation on all the possible mixes all at once. A number whose binary representation is 7 digits long is between 0 and 127. A traditional computer system would should do a calculation on each of these 127 numbers. As soon as, a quantum computer system could do them all at.

But the power of quantum computing brings huge challenges to society. As things stand, a completely functioning quantum computer would threaten the stability of the world. This is since world commerce relies on the use of safe ciphers to protect and validate monetary deals. Furthermore, many safe and secure discussions in between governments and government institutions are performed utilizing the exact same sets of ciphers. With the unthinkable computing power that quantum computing would bring, these ciphers, which we have formerly thought about unbreakable, would be rendered useless.

Has Kitchen Innovation Gone Too Far?

For most of us, a kitchen is not just another room in the house. Its more than that. The kitchen is the place where most of our time is spent, where we have the most meaningful conversations are had and where we can be creative. The kitchen is the home.

For that reason, we invest a lot of time and money into making our kitchen into one we’ve always dreamed of. We know what style we like, and the colour we want the cupboards, but where we are left a little puzzled is the area of kitchen technology. Rapid innovations in the kitchen space make it hard for us to keep up.

When the first self-cleaning oven came out people were ecstatic, no longer did we spend hours on our Sunday’s scrubbing that big metal box. No longer did we panic when something overflowed and dripped down in the oven … this innovation gave us a less stressful and more convenient kitchen ‘life’.

Now, innovation has gone beyond making things more convenient. We’re now into luxury items that in 10 years, we’ll start to wonder how we ever lived without kitchen of the futurethem. Fridges can now tell you whether a perishable item has expired or not, they can even segregate different types of fruit and customize the temperature it is chilled. Heck, there’s even technology so you can even text an espresso machine, place an order, and it’s ready for you when you get downstairs. How perfect is that?

These innovations are just a couple examples of how far technology has come in the kitchen space. Trying to stay ahead of the curve is impossible. This begs the question…are 15 year warranties on appliances even applicable anymore? Do prices need to go down as we expect a higher turnover? Is the average lifetime of an appliance or kitchen technology now based on cool new features and added convenience as opposed to the classic signal ‘does it still work?’.

Several people have been writing about kitchen technology lately, talking about all the cool things available on the market, the prices and which brands are the best to buy. Some of the innovations I’ve seen are starting to border ‘ridiculous’ but then again … I want pretty much every item that I’ve seen.

This is my ultimate wish list (some of these things I haven’t seen on the market yet!)

  • germ eliminating knife block
  • customizable temperature fridge
  • fragrance to get rid of food smells
  • portable induction oven

These are just a few of the ideas that I have …. I would love to hear your feedback. Is there anything you wish you had in your kitchen? Or is there something you’ve recently purchased that you feel everyone needs to know about?

Clearing Brain Fog with Bingo

A casual game of online bingo could help relieve office tedium

Boredom can be such a sneaky character; it tends to creep up at the most unexpected times throughout the day. Furthermore, boredom has found a new friend called “brain fog”, which can be likened to a cloud that lessens the ability to think and focus clearly. The lethal combination of boredom and brain fog results in a lack of mental clarity and forgetfulness – it’s almost like winning the bingo jackpot of severely diminished office productivity.

online bingo

It seems like corporate office employees are more familiar with this feeling than anybody else, possibly due to the sedentary nature of their job. Indeed, employers have started to realize the positive effects of taking short breaks during work by setting up game rooms for their workers. These game rooms are usually stocked with a foosball, ping pong, or pool table; and in some cases, arcade games and console gaming options in the form of an Xbox, PS3 or Wii are also included.

All of those diversions are great in their own way, but there is another fun game that has the potential to be a cornerstone of the modern workplace game room: online bingo. It is a more colorful and faster-paced version of the old-school, land-based game usually played in local community halls. Although it has yet to enjoy the same popularity as a foosball table or an Xbox, online bingo has one thing that separates it from the rest of the pack – the chance to win considerable amounts of money. CheekyBingo has daily, weekly, and monthly guaranteed jackpots, where players can win as much as £2,500 or $4,000 US from as little as five pence.

Clearly, online bingo presents a very exciting proposition for corporate office workers across the globe. Not only is it a fresh new way of clearing brain fog and boredom – which naturally leads to significantly improved office productivity – it’s also a lively game in its own right. All those opportunities to win significant chunks of cash aren’t too bad, either.

Home Remedies for Gum Pain


Painful, swollen and bleeding gums are becoming highly common even in hygienic societies. A known fact is that the most common cause of gum diseases is unhygienic oral conditions and mouth ulcers. Improper and vigorous brushing of teeth and inappropriate flossing are the major causes. Other causes of gum pain include infections such as gingivitis, periodontitis and pericoronitis.

Most of the people do not seek medical attention foe gum pain; therefore I have compiled a few home remedies to alleviate gum pain.

  • Dip a tea bag in lukewarm water, dry it and apply to the affected gums. Tannic acid in tea has anti bacterial properties which help in eliminating the infection.
  • Rubbing honey over the affected spot also reduces pain as honey too has anti bacterial properties.
  • Drink 5 table spoons of cranberry juices after every hour. Cranberry juice prevents bacteria from adhering to teeth and gums.
  • Research has proved that stress and depression has close connection with oral diseases. In case of mouth ulcers, try to relax. Do not take much stress.
  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin C including lemon, oranges, kiwi, mango, strawberry, papaya etc. they are effective in alleviating pain.
  • Apply baking soda to your tooth brush and brush your teeth with the appropriate technique. Consult your dentist for the right technique of brushing.
  • Maintain oral hygiene. Brush your teeth thrice a day. Floss daily.
  • Use anti septic mouth wash.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.

Investing in Data Centre Services

As businesses are becoming increasingly tech and security savvy, the need for managed IT services has grown. Backing up and storing data has become a necessity for businesses across a wide range of sectors, from telecoms to big financials and even more so with SME’s.

data centres

Inevitably, the need for additional data storage on more servers increases the workload for any in house technician or IT manager. Having to continuously watch server activity 24 hours a day internally, is not feasible, even for the most hard-working human. The requirement for skilled and efficient staff can become expensive for business, hence them investing in a cost effective Data Centre service. But what exactly does this involve? And how can you guarantee your data is secure?

Businesses investing in data centre services must consider many aspects such as how much storage they might need or the amount of bandwidth they use on a daily basis. The ability to increase the amount of data stored and backed up comes as standard across most suppliers, and normally at a package level. Cost implications might include the considerations of a growth in IT and whether their chosen service provider accommodate for this at a rate they can afford?

Businesses are concerned that if data is hacked or stolen, their business reputation will be ruined as well as a lack of trust from their customers and high recovery costs, causing long term damage to their business strategy. In terms of security, most data centre service providers guarantee your data is secure with many strategies in place to ensure this. Solutions from controlled video surveillance to a diverse set of storage locations give them the ability to reassure their customers. Google themselves state they have “robust” disaster recovery measures in place such as additional back up data centres and emergency power generators.

Companies such as Amcom, provide secure data centres for businesses throughout Australia. With a range of products and services to suit any business, they can ensure data is monitored and secure around the clock. The have the capacity to move your data to alternative centres across the country, as well as get your business back up and running immediately if you experience something as severe as a disaster or unexpected power cut or loss of data.

How technology is improving your health


After spending years research and practice the question is still there on the self : how technology is improving our health? No doubt the new robotic surgeries have revolutionized the meaning of surgical procedures but when we ask a common person about it will he be able to give his views with same aspect as a medical person can do?

With the period of time, new medical developments and techniques have been developed that has promised to give a better hold on health care. The aim of medical sector is to provide the society everything that it can to improve their health and mental status.. From treating cancer and delivering babies to dealing with heart attacks, doctors have developed technology and improved techniques to make things easier for them.

Technology aims to make the health opportunities digital so it is making the numerous apps do that mobile devices gets a great way to integrate and streamline all aspects of the medical process for enhanced care which can even let a common person to keep himself healthy at regular normal basis..

At regular levels health and fitness apps  have opened up a whole chapter in the field of medicine. Pretty much everything you do that involves fitness can be enhanced by an app.  there are BP apps, ovarian cycle app, ecg apps, all in all all the good thing right in your phone to make you visit doctor less and of course gadgets like blood glucose checker that again works for you like a mini clinic at home.

The point is with changing time and developing technology , it has become easier for a common man to get the best of his health and that also right within his reach.