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Refresh Your Mind and Spirit with a Hobby

Spending your leisure time learning a new skill can be very rewarding.

Living a full, healthy life is not just about eating well and working out. It includes making time for yourself.  No matter how busy or how old you are, you can always make space in your life for something new. From dancing, cooking, playing an instrument, to traveling, reading, and writing, to name a few, there is sure to be an activity that complements your current lifestyle. The benefits are many, from relieving stress and boredom to boosting health and in turn, longevity.

You Choose it

It makes sense to spend your leisure time doing something that compliments your job, or how you otherwise would spend your day. If you are a writer or a graphic artist spending long hours on your computer or laptop, you will want to do something where you are more active, such as hiking, yoga, pottery, or playing an instrument. If your job is a solitary one, perhaps you would want to find something that allows you to be in a more social setting. Keeping active gives the body and soul an energy boost, and can ward off illness. When you feel better, you sleep better.

You Own it

There is so much in life that we have no control over but a hobby can change that. A hobby is something you choose to do. You take control of it, when and how much time you spend on it. Devoting time to your leisure time pursuit helps you learn to manage your time more efficiently. You learn to better structure your time to create that chunk of time that frees you from other demands and obligations.

Pride of Accomplishment

It’s just as much about the journey as the completion of learning any skill or new project. But there’s that unmistakable feeling of personal pride and accomplishment upon completion or the pleasure of learning something new.

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