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Sears Canada in Big Trouble, Closing Stores


For those of a certain age, department stores are a big part of our past as consumers. Need a new shirt, jacket, or dress? Head out to Eaton’s, J.C. Penny, or Sears. Looking for Christmas presents? Head out to the mall and hit the anchor store first.

However, consumer shopping patterns have changed dramatically in recent years. Online shopping has exploded and become popular with virtually every demographic. There is no arguing the convenience of sitting home at your computer comparing styles and prices, making a few clicks of your mouse, and then having the merchandise show up a few days later. It makes shopping for gifts so easy, you might end up buying for more people than usual.

Sears has been struggling for a while now and it was announced the other day that the company was seeking bankruptcy protection. Today, the company made a further statement of their plans, announcing that 59 locations will be closing in Canada, which means the loss of about 2900 jobs. The stores affected will consist of full-line locations, Sears Home stores, Sears Outlet stores and Sears Hometown locations. Closeout sales will also be announced soon.

Retail has declined dramatically in recent years and, unfortunately, there is reason to expect that this trend will continue, which means more store closures and more job losses.

I like department stores because I enjoy browsing. I also prefer to try clothes on before I buy. Yes, you can know your general size, but the only way to know just how nice the clothes look on you is to get in them. You can do that at home, but who wants to take the trouble to send things back?

Do you still use department stores like Sears? Click the comment button and let us know! The closing of big chains like Sears will also undoubtedly have a negative affect on the malls that host them.

A Sears distribution centre in Montreal. By –, CC BY-SA 2.0,
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