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SnoopLion for Obama


Americans “should give four more years to Obama,” sidelines SnoopLion at the International Festival of Film in Toronto, Canada last Friday, where he presented “Reincarnated”, a documentary on reggae. The rapper most fluid phrasing of an entire generation, ex-sidekick Dr. Dre, dropped his name from Snoop Dogg to embrace a new career in Jamaican music. 

Snoop Lion takes two terms

The quadra now, with 40 million records sold, look carefully into the campaign in the United States. Away from promoting his film, he took the opportunity voice out his opinions. Former Republican President George W. Bush “fucking mess for eight years, so we must give eight years to Obama,” he firmly told before adding: “Barack has cleaned half of this mess in four years. It is not as if you had given him a clean house”. They left him a house with a TV that did not work, clogged toilets, and nothing worked, he added with images of flowers. artist attended the national convention of the Democratic Party. “You heard what Bill Clinton said? Do you like it? “He asked the audience in reference to the much applauded speech of former Democratic president Wednesday. These are the stars behind Obama. Finally, the singer welcomed the elimination of Bin Laden. “Obama came and found, that George Bush could not catch who vanished 11 September 2001. Now if everyone can live in peace, and have a good time, it is because he has done it. ” Without any mystery, Snoop Lion joined battalions connected artists, young and glamorous that support Democrats like Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and many others.

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