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The SAT continues its march this week in Malaga and Seville with “surprise actions”


To Cañamero, the impact is “a sign that there is unrest in society and that needs someone lead this distress”

The Andalusian Workers Union (SAT) continues this week with their vindictive ‘workers march’ in the provinces of Malaga and Sevilla, who expected to be very numerous and in announcing that they will continue to “surprise actions” similar to those being made throughout Andalusia.

After passing through Jaen, Cordoba, Cadiz and Granada, on Monday the union begins their wanderings in Casabermeja (Málaga). Up to twice the SAT has changed the date and the planned route for the march Malaga given the refusal of authorization of the central government representatives, has finally accepted the planned route through the mountains of Malaga, making night at Fuente de la Reina to conclude in Constitution Square in the capital on Tuesday at noon, as explained to Europa Press SAT general secretary, Diego Cañamero.

Cañamero, which is present in both the march in Malaga and Sevilla, pointed out that there have been many groups that have expressed support for the actions of the SAT and have moved them to join the march of Malaga, what is expected to be “busy”. It has also indicated that it will join different political representatives, including local MP UI for Malaga, Alberto Garzón.

On Wednesday at 9.00 hours in Utrera begin the march through the province of Seville, with stops in Los Palacios y Villafranca and Two Sisters, whose sports halls night participants will progress before reaching the city of Seville on Friday afternoon.

Cañamero pointed out that the progress of Seville will be “very important”, probably the loudest of all by the community, since it also will converge with other gear from Huelva. Thus, the SAT will pass the Virgen del Rocio Hospital, where they show their support for the sector against the “cuts” in health, as well as university campuses, to end at the Government Office (Plaza of Spain). “People are realizing that the crisis is a SCAM”

The leader of the SAT has not hidden that the impact they are having their marches and actions, and the participation in them, have “exceeded all their expectations. To Cañamero, it is a sign that there is unrest in society and they need someone to lead this distress, whether officials, unemployed, students or any sector.”

It has pointed out that the fact that “some sectors and the media are trying to criminalize the gears is a sign that the power is nervous.”

“The marches are stirring the consciences of many people and showing how bad the government is doing. Population is easy to realize that the crisis is a scam they are using the powers to loot the people and grant it to the bankers, and these actions can be a tinderbox that extends throughout the country, “she added.

Thus, the SAT, which has marked these marches main claims of the repeal of the cuts and labor reforms, provide three months of work to the unemployed, to eliminate the requirement of 35 peons to collect the PER, the assignment of the public land workers, to evictions and refusal to pay the debt, calls on all sectors to join the marches under the slogan ‘Andalusia Pie’.

The last stop of these marches would in Almeria, where they intend to go probably next on 13 and 14 September. Almería for the union wants to focus especially on the “problem of immigrants in relation to their health care”, as pointed by Cañamero.

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