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Thinking of buying pot? Here’s Where you can Get it in Canada October 17


Canada takes a progressive leap as it will be only the second country (after Uruguay in 2013) to legalize recreational cannabis, otherwise known as pot, weed or marijuana. Buying pot in Canada will be legal this Wednesday, October 17, 2018, and you may be wondering where you can get your limit of 30 grams. Well, it depends on where you live in Canada because it will vary from province to province.

In Ontario, you can have 30 grams of cannabis in your home.

In Ontario, you will have to be 19 years of age. Until April 2019, pot will be available by government online sales only. There will also be government retail outlets, though have not been announced yet.

You can only enjoy that pot in Ontario private residences, though in future wherever tobacco is permitted, as in Quebec, who is a little more relaxed on allowances. No surprise, Quebec is the most liberal of the provinces. If you happen to live in Quebec you will be lucky enough to have up to 150 grams in your possession at home and you can be only 18 years of age, unlike the 30 grams allowed in Ontario and most other provinces. In New Brunswick you will need the owner’s permission, so if you are renter it is something to take note of!

In Nunavut, a word had to be found for pot or cannabis. The Inukitut word for “weed” is “ surrarnaqtuq”. Nunavutians will be able to purchase online and by phone, though consumptions will be prohibited at many public events and playgrounds to name a few exceptions.

Nova Scotia will sell its pot or cannabis through their existing liquor stores, with a stand-alone location in Halifax. According to statistics, Nova Scotians lead the country in per capita cannabis consumption.

Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, plans to open the most retail outlets to sell pot per capita, by opening three retail outlets, while also selling pot online.

Who knows what the impact will be after the cannabis legalization on October 17 after a century of prohibition. Will the curious be tempted to try their first legal joint?

The Ontario Cannabis Store has information posted to learn more about cannabis consumption–if you are interested. 

The will be the official site in Ontario to buy from.

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