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Time to pay TAXES!


On August 6, the first tax notices were sent by the administration, deadline for payment is 17 September or 22 September for those setting online.

This is a letter not to miss! The first “notice of tax” on incomes in 2011 have just been mailed by the tax authorities. Overview of points to watch. Who is the recipient of this mail? Anyone who filed a tax return of about 36.9 million French.

Pay back in taxes or are exempted from tax. The amount you have to pay (or that the IRS will refund to you) will appear in full on the first page of the notice.

When will we receive the notice? The tax administration has sent the first folds on 6 August. These forms were sent first to taxpayers who have opted to pay using third party. If you pay monthly, do not panic, the notice will be sent until 16 August. If the next few weeks you see nothing coming, there is always the possibility to download it on the site

When should I pay? Taxpayers have until September 17 to send their payments . Those who prefer the digital channel, however, can pay until September 22 by Internet. New this year, net of income tax can be paid directly from a smartphone. This possibility is confined to non mensualisées have not opted for the maturity. For people mensualisées, no change: the IRS indicates that the balance will be deducted from their account during the last quarter or, for those who have overpaid, the refund amount.

How to fix if there is an error? Forgot check box “dependent child”, error by deferring an amount … if you find an error on your statement, you can still change. Two options: go to the center of the nearest public finances (the address is on the first page of the notice of assessment) or – novelty – correct line. Warning, this online service (télécorrection in administrative language) is used by taxpayers with 12.8 million income declared.

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