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Tony Scott’s family denies that he has incurable tumor


Tony Scott did not have an incurable brain tumor, in fact, he did not have any tumor at all, reports the director’s family.

According to the news website TMZ, the rumor is “absolutely false” Scott’s wife informed the authorities investigating the suicide of her husband, who was said to have an incurable brain tumor.

While autopsy results have not yet come to light, waiting for more evidence, TMZ sources say there is no evidence of any tumor. Scott’s wife said, he did not suffer any serious medical problem that could lead to suicide.

According to sources cited by ABC, the British director, 68, committed suicide after receiving the news that he had terminal cancer in the brain .

So, Scott jumped off a bridge south of Los Angeles, in the town of San Pedro. But first, the filmmaker left at his office and a suicide note in his car, a list of contacts that warn and notify of his death.

The news has created a wonder in the world of Hollywood, on the already pronounced artists like Ron Howard and Samuel L. Jackson.

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