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Top 5 conspiracy theories about the Olympic Games: Fact or fiction


The world is full of people who believe that everything that meets the eye and seems normal is actually fueled by hidden agendas and supported by secret groups. Conspiracy theorists have been probably around as long as human history. When simple and normal explanations do not suffice or seem completely adequate, people tend to search for inner meaning that may or may not exist. While definitive proof is always eluding us, whether you wish to go along with the conspiracy theory or believe the more popular explanations is simply a matter of personal choice.

The Olympics though, have their own set of weird theories surrounding them and here are 5 of them that have surely ruffled a few feathers over time.

The 2012 Olympics ‘Zion’ Logo:
If you look at the London 2012 Olympics log, then it is hard not to believe that it simply means ‘2012’ in some contrived fashion. But play around a bit with it and you can easily enough create the word ‘Zion’ and Iran were particularly unhappy with this unique coincidence. London 2012 Conspiracy theorists say that it is no coincidence and that it is a clear message to the world from a powerful secret society. No matter what you believe though that is $650,000 wasted on creating one very ugly logo for sure!

Phelps 7th Gold in 2008:
This one is particularly irksome since it accuses arguably the greatest talent in an Olympic pool of not winning one of his Olympic medals. According to some keen conspiracy buffs Phelps lost that race by 1/100th of a second, but IOC official claim that it was just a camera angle that made it appear that way. So, while few still complain about how the US might have paid plenty of people to secure that 7th gold, IOC clearly states nothing of the sorts ever happened.

Conspiracy against the Chinese and Cubans:
Targeting the US seems to be a popular tune at the Olympics and while knowing the actual truth behind this is probably next to impossible, athletes and official from nations like Cuba and China along with their leaders back home seem to voice the growing ‘conspiracy’ played out by the US to keep them in check and contain their medal tally using ‘disqualifications’!

Let us worship fire!
One of the biggest complaints about the closing ceremony at the 2012 games and something that the entire ‘conspiracy wing’ was very happy to use as ammunition was the amount of time that was spent during the closing ceremony highlighting fire and a giant flaming Phoenix. Many claim that it was the definitive ritual that clearly showcased the future arrival of ‘New World Order’.

E.T arriving in a space ship:
Finally there were those that strongly believed that some sort of alien beings will finally descend down upon us at the 2012 Olympics and take over the control of the world. Some even say that the 1984 closing ceremony at the Atlanta games was a precursor to judge how humans would react to aliens! Remember the alien walking out of a ‘staged UFO’ and addressing earth beings? Theories are a plenty that there was little that was ‘staged’ in all of it.

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