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Your Mom Was Right: Breakfast is Really Important


How often do you skip breakfast? Life moves so fast nowadays that breakfast can easily fall by the wayside, whether you are an office worker or a junior high school student. Would you rather feel hungry for a while or be late for work/school? Not many people would say breakfast is more important than avoiding trouble with the boss/principal. But it is important nonetheless and you’re actually doing yourself a disservice when you miss it.

Brain Boost

You wake up groggy with sleep and have a coffee, right? Well, yes, you could do that, but the trouble with caffeine is that its boosting affects don’t last. You will get better results from a balanced breakfast. This is especially true if your day involves doing anything creative or requires memory work and solid concentration.

Lower Risk of Weight Gain and Diabetes

There is an obesity and diabetes epic underway in North America. While there are a number of reasons why people over eat and indulge in foods that are bad for them, one of the prime factors is snacking. If you don’t have the time or ability to eat a proper meal, you will turn to something for that energy and it is probably filled with sugar. Doing this on a regular basis leads to weight gain and the possibility of diabetes and other related health issues.

Eating a proper breakfast will provide you with the nutritional balance and energy required to function well until your next meal break. That reduced reliance on snacking can also help you to lose weight.

If you miss that first meal of the day, you are less likely to have the motivation needed for exercise. Putting some fuel in the tank can give you the get up and go required to indulge in some physical activity.

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